His words, not mine.

A mother ransacked the stage at a recent Michael Buble concert. Yep, seriously. The determined mama interrupted the singer to inform the crooner that her son Sam (who just turned 15), wanted to duet with Buble himself.

Reluctantly, the cutie pie singer agreed and told the kid to join him onstage. Within seconds the band to fired up Feeling Good. Buble took a swing at the opening line and then turned the mic over to Sam to sing the second.

Long friggin’ story short: Sam’s voice blew Buble to infinity and beyond!

This all went down at a concert in Birmingham, England, on Oct. 9th. However, the clip was just featured on the This Is Michael Buble TV special, which was broadcast Saturday night in Britain. And now the vid’s quickly going viral.

Sam spoke with the Birmingham Mail about his Buble experience : “It was incredible. I can’t believe I got to go on stage to sing with Michael Buble. For the last few days my mum kept asking what my favourite Buble song was, but I had no idea she was going to do that. As she started walking to the stage, I thought oh no, what is she doing?”

Sam’s proud mama, Paula, told the paper that she was unsure if she was going to go through with it but knew it was her son’s dream and thus she knew she had to at least try.

She stated: “I wasn’t sure whether I would do it, but I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and I just thought, go for it, and I just marched up to the stage and told him. Sam was amazing. I am so proud.”

Well, thank you, Paula for going through with it! The clip is a joy to watch.

Check it out!


What do marshmallows, giant inflatable elephants, and whitey tighties have in common?

All of these random delights are seen in Kylie Minogue’s new video for All the Lovers. It’s a beautifully shot video, that even in its sexiness is actually about love. It’s seriously like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gone wild, delivered in a classy way that only Minogue could pull off.

All The Lovers is the first single off Minogue’s eleventh studio album, Aphrodite, which is set to release on July 6th. After more than 68 million records sold the 42-year-old looks better than ever, still full of light.

Says Kylie (regarding the song): “The single was one of the last tracks to be written for the album. As I was recording it I knew that ‘All the Lovers’ had to be the first single; it sums up the euphoria of the album perfectly. It gives me goose-bumps, so I’m really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it.”

Check out the Joseph Kahn-directed video, below.


Contemporary pop is crowded with wannabes. In this sugar coated carnival, I find myself clinging to any artist who breaks through the manufactured wrapping, while having higher, creative dreams in mind.

Alan Pownall, 24, has the world at his feet, and yet he has reached this position in an almost unheard-of way. He is not one of those singer-songwriters who first picked up the guitar at birth, writing his first song in half an hour, and playing at a thousand open-mic shows before anyone had even heard of his name. In all honesty, he’s almost catapulted into stardom like a firecracker, once lit, unstoppable.

Alan had only performed a few times when he met Adele at the Troubadour. “I sheepishly said to her, you can check out a couple of my songs on MySpace. Within a couple of weeks, I was in her Top Friends. Two weeks after that, I was on holiday, and I got a message from her saying, Do you want to support me on my first UK tour?

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“I was excited at the prospect – and I had to do it, I wasn’t going to get the opportunity again – but at the back of my mind, I knew I wasn’t ready. I only really had four songs to my name, which included ‘Colourful Day,’ and three others which I don’t really do anymore. I was writing songs on the road. There were some gigs, where I was reading the lyrics off a piece of paper. It was so unprofessional.” He shudders. “I definitely remember coming off that tour feeling a little bit broken, but it was all part of getting there.”

And he’s officially arrived. Mercury Records has now signed the singer/songwriter who has already supported the likes of Adele, Florence & The Machine, Jack Penate, Noah & The Whale & Laura Marling (just to name a few).

Pownall’s debut is due out later in 2010, but in the meantime please check out his cover of Beyonce’s SINGLE LADIES, below.