How to choose the right Soundbar for your TV?

A movie isn’t worth watching unless we watch it, just as it should have been for the people, meant to see. Right volume, better clarity, amazing quality, and complete control & understanding over the dialogues. Well, this is where soundbar comes into use to take care of it all. It does a full-time job with a one-time investment. But the availability of so many soundbars in the market currently, it makes it hard to find a worthy one. So, how to choose is the question we end up with.

Do not worry; we are here to help and provide a buying guide to make sure you pick the best soundbar in india.

What is a Soundbar?

It is long, thin, unobtrusive, and a rectangle-shaped bar with speakers and technicalities of itself. Using a soundbar ensures the voice to be crisp, distinct, and clear. These soundbars are much wider than the sound bases. With a little throw of the sound afield, and to a degree, a complete home theatre experience is produced.

The device can be easily mounted to the wall or can be kept right beside the television. It is easy to be set up, and on today’s date, many of its types come packed with the wireless subwoofer for a better experience. With so much to offer, it can be difficult to choose one amidst the varieties, but if what is required is known, the deal can be right in the hand. Even for a better understanding of a dialogue, a Soundbar brings clarity and offers a dialogue enhancement, making sound loud and prominent, a perfect mix of course.

Which soundbar is the right one?

Priced in between $150-$2000, the soundbars are available in the market. Before you start the search, narrow down the field in a significant manner, and ask yourself a few questions about what you need?

Think about, if you are looking for a complete home theatre experience, or would you like to have clarity while hearing your TV. Questions like will the soundbar be used for playing music and will it be a part of audio system functioning in multi-room or is voice control important for you to have, all of these questions play a vital role while choosing the right system.

A cheat sheet for Soundbar buying guide

If you are in a hurry, you can check out some important points or things before buying the right soundbar.

  • Autumn minimum of three or more channels must be there in a soundbar. It will allow for simulating sound better for an immersive and better experience.
  • Look for an active soundbar as it comes with built-in amplifiers.
  • Consider this question, where you want to place your soundbar? Enough space availability must be ensured beforehand.
  • Lookout for the connectivity options, and if you get HDMI switching, get the particular one as it makes one easily switch the sources of audio without re-routing the cables of HDMI.
  • Purchase from an authorized dealer who can provide a proper warranty, support, and services.

Is buying Soundbar worth?

Many people buy a soundbar as they do not hold space for the home theatre systems, and a Soundbar does fit in with its low-profiled space-saver capacity. The home theatre system comes in varied variations, which for a proper sound quality requires a separate amplifier, five speakers at least, and a subwoofer. It can cost high, which in case of a soundbar, seems all-in-one affordable point to make it a purchase and provide a definite upgrade from the available TV audio quality.

Use a receiver and a passive soundbar for a better home theatre experience

If you are unaware, the passive soundbar gets its power from the receiver of the home theatre. With a connection using the wire of the speaker, they can be easily connected to the receiver. The passive soundbar does not require any connection other than the speaker terminals. It provides an experience of three-in-one speakers of Home theatre, which is not like a typical soundbar. It provides a better experience with sound, and one can take complete advantage of the home theatre receiver processing power, without making the room a mess with the speakers and so many wires.


If still and sure about which soundbar is the right choice or if you need the same, talk to an expert without hesitation, check the list and the requirements you need and get one today, a soundbar for proper experience over the television, and it’s sound quality.