A lil’ bit depressing yet full of hope…

Secondhand Serenade’s Something More, the first single from the upcoming third album, Hear Me Now, is one beautifully broken track. The song, which dives into the realm of torn meandering lives delivers a message of hope even when heartbroken and hopeless.

Secondhand Serenade is the product of singer/songwriter John Vesely, who worked with producer Aaaron Johnson (from The Fray), to create intimate, pensive, somber pop rock full of meaning.

The music video, directed by Declan Whitebloom, fits the track’s somber sound.

Billboard’s review of the track said it best: “As Vesely sings of the internal strife that a breakup can cause, he powerfully conveys the very human message that everyone makes mistakes. A no-brainer for top 40 and hot AC radio formats, “Something More” is sure to saturate the summer airwaves.” –Alex Vitoulis

Check out the music video below. Hear Me Now is due out in August.