Alternative rockers from Long Island are indeed the Envy on the Coast. Their new album Lowcountry is out March 30th; full of dangerously edgy tunes that pulsate a raw urgency and grunge spirit. The boys have boundless ambitions, and make music for their growing swell of fans. Lead off single Head First in the River combines headbanging with butterflies, â€œMove, it’s what they say, sell them the bones that they love to hear break.”

I was lucky enough to preview this album, an album that is full of songs that I would love to call my favorite, if only I could pick one.

Envy on the Coast is a live act you don’t want to miss. Watching this group play solidifies how touring has influenced their mannerisms and music. Are they just another Warp Tour summer success? Hell no; an element of many styles is their muse, but they all have a common thread. There’s no denying that present day acts rip off one another, or whatever is poppin’ that week. They seem to understand the dynamic of letting bands influence them, and embrace the comparisons without catching a mean case of copy-cat syndrome. After all, where there is no comparison, there is no envy.

Catch the boys on tour this spring, and you won’t be disappointed. Contagious lyrics on top of intelligent guitars, heavy metal drums, and a splash of indie-pop, all combines to form a sea of memorable hooks that indeed make them…the envy.