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By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Wicked lively rockin’ riotous jumpy friendly freakin’ sweet The Interrupters are such pure perfect poppy ska punk I have no need for commas.

I saw them open for Rancid one (two?) year(s?) ago, downloaded a few songs, and left it at that. Yet those four songs off their eponymous album (Liberty, Take Back the Power, Family– featuring Tim Armstrong, and A Friend Like Me) have deftly manoeuvered themselves onto my favourite playlists. I got to thinking, What if the rest of the album’s this good?

Spoiler: it is. They have that ska beat bounce down so well it guides the groove in every tune, no matter if the melody itself is more mellow (which it rarely is). Ideal for jogging, toking, talking, pogoing, dancing, living!

Not only that, but they take the time to write about important, honest issues, everywhere from human rights to human relationships.

I hope they get the attention they deserve.


By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Most of my ska is cut with punk. I seldom explore the genre in its purified form. Thus, I was excited to step out of my comfort zone when Umbrella Bed was described to me as “2-Tone ska”.

As it turns out, “2-Tone” is a tag ascribed to ska that stuck to the pop underbelly, avoiding the alternative influence of punk and grunge.

For Umbrella Bed, this means less safety pins and more brass.

They’re veterans on the Minnesota scene, with five albums and an ocean’s worth of shows to swim in. They came together in 1995 (when I was still developing motor skills!), and though cogs in the machine have changed (both in musical style and member line-up), the motor has remained resilient- and rearing to jump!

Refill is their latest- a five-track EP, hot n’ fresh for 2013. With echo and bounce, it lends a little splash of summer to my December chills. Fun-loving vocals are energized by trombone, French horn, trumpet and saxophone, a section in turn strengthened by the more traditional guitar, drums and bass.

I’d LOVE to see the whole band make a trampoline out of a stage. Their zest must be infectious! Even watching them in their music video makes me wanna leap.


By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

The Queen “G” and her posse are back with a new smash, and I could not be happier. After all, not many females can do it like Gwen can. It’s been a long time coming, but No Doubt, the multi-platinum selling band that yoked the third-wave ska rebellion of the 1990s to create a marathon run of chart-dominating trinkets, has released its first new music in over a decade this week. Can you believe it’s been that long? I feel like just yesterday we were walking into spider webs.

Named Settle Down, the song is from the band’s much anticipated studio follow-up to 2001’s Rock Steady, titled Push and Shove, which comes out Sept. 25. This is the classification of a limber and sparkling new-wave smash that lasts over six minutes.

Check it out.


By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

311; a band that just seems to get better and better with time. I think the reason I respect these guys so much is that their fan base is one of the most solid on the planet. Not only are they dedicated, with each album their fans also support the continual growth and maturity of the band. I have seen them live over ten times, and have yet to get bored with them. In fact, it always leaves me wanting more.

The boys of 311 are back this summer with a world tour and a new single called Sunset in July, taken from their new album, Universal Pulse, due out July 19th. This will be the group’s 10th studio record — pretty impressive for a band that still manages to rock the mainstream world pretty hard.

Lead singer Nick Hexum recently described the new single in an interview with Spin Magazine stating:

“It’s about how the more fun you have, the faster life flies by. Most nights in July we’re on stage as the sun is setting. You can actually see the crowd losing their inhibitions as the daylight fades away. We get off on watching the crowd at our shows, which inspired the song’s chorus. People in the first few rows look like they’re in another dimension. Maybe they’re high — but we like to think it’s the power of music!”

This is a great mix of old and new 311, and I cannot wait to hear the new album and check out their latest tour. (Oh yeah, and Sublime with Rome is a part of the lineup, which is even more of a reason to check out the boys on the road.)

They remind me of what music is really about — unity!



By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Although all Sublime fans miss Bradley Nowell, I think all Sublime fans can also agree that the band is going in a cool new direction, with Rome. Rome brings a unique style to the group, using his vocally ability to contribute to the sound of the group, without trying to replace the original frontman. Having seen the band live, I can attest that it completes the puzzle. That being said, new crew/new name, Sublime with Rome have dropped their first single, Panic. It’s compacted with killer vocals, great drums, and extremely tight guitar riffs; not to forget the horns that set the track off. At first I thought that the band was going in so many directions, and wondered why they were trying to fix something that wasn’t broken, but once I saw how hard they were pursuing this Sublime with Rome to work, I figured why not give it a shot, and I’m glad I did.

This track states: “My only motive, do or nothing, we’ve got the reason, if you really wanna show it.”

The motive is the love of music.

Although nothing will compare to the Sublime of the 90’s, Rome comes up strong in second place. Their debut album Yours Truly will be out for release on July 12th. They will be on the road with 311 this summer, so be sure to get a taste of the group for yourself.