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By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Obsessed! Obsessed! Obsessed!

Saturday, Monday’s video for The Ocean (featuring Julia Spada) is absolutely amazing. It’s a hidden gem that defies gravity, space and time. Its beauty is electric and cool. Undoubtedly, it won’t be long until this Swedish band is on everyone’s radar.

Directed by Maceo Frost and Robin Günther, the video was shot at -10C by the shore of the island Öland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. If that’s not gorgeous enough, the video captures Saturday, Monday’s dramatic strings over minimal techno, paired with Spada’s poetry and haunting vocals, spinning a dark, sublime tale of lost love.

The Ocean is the title track of Saturday, Monday’s new four track EP that was released worldwide on February 27.



By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Is it just me, or is this music magic?

This is Aradia. She’s phenomenal. A gypsy-cloud of atomic bombs, an electro lollipop.

Not only is she a master of audio, but she’s also the queen of style. Her music knows exactly what it wants to do. It’s precise and striking though surreal.

She sings the songs; she writes the material; she plays the guitar and the synth and programs the beat.

Am I noticing a trend here? More and more I’m running into musicians who not only write their own music, but perform every instrument! They redefine the concept of a one-woman show, meriting an excellent performance while lacking the complex (and sometimes tiresome) dynamic of a group.

Are one-person bands the new musical frontier?

If so, Aradia’s got a hand in electronic history. With existential lyrics and reverberating effects, she gives Wonderland a killer remix and dons Alice in a spacesuit. If you give her your hand, who knows where she’ll take you?

Her most recent release is from 2012, a short-and-sweet CD wrapped up in mystery. Possibilities: Dark is a black hole- it drags you into new worlds, musically and otherwise. I’d recommend Dream, a song which inspires you to do just that.

Click for a journey to the stars.


By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Like it murky, love it hot? The kind of beat that stains a lung? Inhale a gust of Rooftop Runners.

Benedikt and Tobias are brothers in both the genetic and spiritual sense. Rooftop Runners was conceived between them in Berlin, and they quickly proved to be an enriching pair. These boys are adept at original creation. They hitch addled fizz to a sleep-deprived mind, coaxing whispers from the shadows. They’ve been described as “a Cain and Abel act”, and I wouldn’t dare contest that. Their music, a chilly concoction of electro and indie, depicts both the yin and yang of our vibrating world. It mellows you out while simultaneously turning you on.

They’ve been busy- their first full-length album is in the anticipating stage of post-production. But these bees had to keep on buzzing! They’ve gone and made a music video to Energize, a song which was originally released on their 2012 We Are Here EP. The track’s been endowed with extra kick while the video sits in satisfied simplicity.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Polish pop alert! Sexy guy in red alert!

Meet Natalia Lesz, a rising pop star in Poland whose making a dent with her latest single Beat Of My Heart. The electro track was co-written by Hannah Sidibe (Nas) and Nico Hartikanien (Flo Rida, Far East Movement) and comes backed with a killer (literally!) video. Oops, spoiler alert!

(Sorry for all the alerts, I’m in an alerty mood!)

Basically, the girl (in the video at least) visually reads as Amy Winehouse but sounds a bit more Kylie Minogue-ified. It’s a cool combo.

No stranger to the spotlight, after graduating from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Lesz began working on her debut album, Natalia, with John Poppo (Michael Jackson, N*SYNC), Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera), Rob Hoffman (Quincy Jones), Greg Wells (Elton John, S Club 7), and Glen Ballard (Katy Perry, Paula Abdul). The single Power Of Attraction was ranked 24th on the list of 2008’s Best Songs Of The Year by Billboard Magazine.

After that bundle of goodness, she competed on the 8th season of Poland’s Dancing With The Stars, taking second place overall.

And that my little squids, is Natalia Lesz in a nutshell.

Check out the video for Beat of My Heart below.

Oh! And PS: Watch until the very end. I was seriously like WTF’ing!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Meet Norwegian singer Monica Birkeness, also known as Mr. Little Jeans. According to Guardian writer Paul Lester, Monica got the name of her musical alias from a character in Wes Anderson’s film Rushmore. But really, that’s besides the point.

The point is that her music is the sh*t. No backstory needed really.

With one listen of the lush electro-pop tune Runaway, it’s apparent that Mr. Little Jeans is a noodle that sticks. Bad analogy? Yes. But whatever, I’m feelin’ its weirdness.

The sick single also comes backed with a cool yet borderline creepy video.

Check it!


By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I’m oggling at what happens when folk meets electronica and that genius gets re-mixed.

Jason Garriotte started with no more than an acoustic guitar and self-sewn lyrical content like many folk artists before him. It’s what he did with that ammunition that makes him so intriguing. From those minimalist roots he conjured up Chords of Truth, taking the wholesome tones of acoustic folk and partnering it up with dizzying distortion.

Chords of Truth: Remixed is two discs crammed with trancey goodness. Jason collaborated with FOURTEEN different producers for this project. That’s a lot of cooks, but surprisingly the broth comes out unspoiled. Seven original songs were blended, bulldozed and re-stitched to merit twenty-six varying musical approaches. The result is a staggering if not eye-opening journey into the heart of the creative process.

Jason speaks of the transformation found in the re-mixes: “It is truly amazing how a different perspective on even a song can change almost every aspect of the experience.”

Folktronica is born. Who said every musical frontier was mapped?


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

These girls deserve an exclamation point!

Imagine if every day was the glitterbomb ending of a Victoria’s Secret runway show. This is just one image that comes to mind when listening to electropop duo Icona Pop.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo create pop music laced with sparklers and Pixy Stix. It’s straight-up fun, people!

Time to hit the catwalk! (At least that’s what I pretend to do, blaring this song while walking around Manhattan. Don’t hate!)


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Passion Pit’s sophomore effort, Gossamer, is my favorite album of 2012. Hands down. There, I said it. Quite a meaty proclamation, I’m aware. But this album is simply exquisite, taking the electropop outfit to a whole ‘nother level of music-crafting bliss.

On top of the sheer elegance of this project, comes the fact that these boys are seemingly normal and real. Men yearning for something genuine in this messy world. (I met the band a few years back, and they were great guys. Yes, I’m being that person by dropping this factoid. Whatever. I f*cking love this band!)

First video release from the album was Take A Walk, which I simply adored. And now, the just-released cinematic clip for new single Constant Conversations. Directed by Dori Oskowitz, the video features a slew of familiar faces: actor/director Peter Bogdanovich (The Sopranos), actress Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love), actress Taryn Manning (8 Mile, Hustle & Flow) and actor Roger Guenveur Smith (American Gangster).

The clip is depressingly sexy, vulnerable, honest, and slightly intoxicating.

Enjoy the buzz + my favorite track from the album following.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

It’s been five long years since Lisa and Jessica of The Veronicas dropped their insanely infectious sophomore LP Hook Me Up. But with the release of their new single Lolita, the wait is finally over. (About damn time, you two!)

The Toby Gad-produced single from their upcoming third album, Life on Mars, is The Veronicas at their finest. The girls set out on a tour of their poetic darker side, creating a brooding dance pop record that’s both current and radio-friendly.

Welcome back, ladies.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Imma little boy crazy lately, so excuse my while I swoon… Ok, I’m good.

Pete Wentz is back, y’all. Yup! With his new band, Black Cards, an EDM project consisting of sick synth-electro-dubstep beats. Basically, it’s gooey pop yumminess. With Wentz holding down the bass/lyrics, and a helping hand from Spencer Peterson on drums, the group has just released an EP titled Use Your Disillusion.

The track you’re about to hear is End of Pretend, a dancefloor banger that feels kerosene soaked. That’s code for “It’s fire, people.”

Singer Matthew Koma completes the track’s package, tackling Wentz’s recognizable vocals with ease.

The EP is out today (July 17th)!

Listen to the fierce, slick beats below.

Black Cards’ End of Pretend, an obvious contender for song of the summer.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Can I just say that I LOVE this f*cking video?! It might just be my favorite video so far this year.

In Passion Pit’s new video for Take a Walk, the always sly indie pop/rockers take to the skies. The vid opens with frontman Michael Angelakos slumbering in the middle of the street with a blue ball in hand. After his dog wakes his cute sleeping face, Michael then throws the ball and things get real, real quick, y’all!

Using this new cool helicam technology (whatever the hell that is), the video tracks the ball bouncing all over the damn place! AKA it’s genius.

Take a Walk is taken from Passion Pit’s sophomore effort, Gossamer, set to drop July 24th.

Cannot wait!

Again, LOVE.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

[photo by: jeff moore]

Yes, childrenz.

Jessie J recently helped launch Music is GREAT Week at HMV, Oxford Circus. The kick-ass campaign has created a DVD and download of iconic live moments featuring top British acts including The Who, Spice Girls and Adele — with all proceeds going directly to benefit Save The Children.

Jude Bridge, Director of Marketing and Comms at Save the Children spoke on the event: “We are very proud to be partnering with Music is GREAT. For each copy sold, Save the Children will receive all net profits. That money will go towards funding our vital work both in the UK and internationally. I would encourage all music fans to buy this fantastic album which will help save children’s lives and give them a chance to fulfill their potential.”

The Music is GREAT DVD is out now via iTunes and Amazon.

I f*cking love Jessie J!

Big heart/Big vocals. Dare I say, the best vocals in the biz?

Check out an adorable promo for the cause + a recent electrifying performance of Laserlight following.

PS: ^I kinda want those shoes. Not gonna lie! FEATURING OUR GIRL EVA

By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com is out with the music video for his new single This Is Love, marking his solo debut as a director. The club-ready track, co-produced by, Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, features BTB favorite Eva Simons in all her punky pop-hop (I think I just created a genre here) glory.

Said “I’m so proud of my journey and the experiences made possible by you guys. I don’t like to use the word fans. I like to use the word fams, short for family. This is love. Thank you.”

Winner of 7 freakin’ Grammy Awards, is known not only for his work with the very popular slash overplayed The Black Eyed Peas, but also for his work with several industry heavyweights, including Michael, Britney, and Rihanna (just to name a few). Hello.

But yup, the dude obviously has a formula that sticks.

Watch the just-released video for This Is Love below.

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By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Free shows. Free downloads. Honest to goodness goodness.

You know a band has real passion for music when they’re willing to give it away for free. And that’s what the Cygnets are all about- plugging it in and shelling it out, with no thought towards personal gain. They’ve been streaming their latest album and collecting baskets full of new fans. Did I mention they’re giving away their album free at their shows, too?

I can never express how sincerely I love bands like this. In this industry, you have too many people willing to forsake their pride and/or ideals for a royalty cheque. I’m sure the Cygnets could sell out and be quite comfortable because of that. But they refuse to succumb to that glittering toxicity, and that makes me wanna give them a big, squishy hug.

In the latest album Dark Days (yep, the one that’s literally priceless) they experiment with synth and retro rock influences without going over the top. Their music is fluid- it could fit any time, any place. It fills your brain with cloudy skies and imprints of dreams you thought you left behind. You won’t necessarily mosh, but sway. Who knows, they may inspire you to scribble poetry on the bottom of your napkin before the night is out.

I applaud them for going ahead and producing this album themselves. This clearly allowed them to explore and expand without being held back. It certainly reeks of a dark sexiness, and I’m certainly not complaining.

In particular, I find myself haunted by Bleak Decades. This song screams in whispers, reminding me of The Cure, or better songs from Tears For Fears. The overall affect of their New Wave influence is delicious.

Another local band (local for me, anyway) with yummy indie ideals. I am pleased.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

You must know Eva Simons — a Dutch stick of dynamite who creates dance floor-ready tracks as catchy as a viral video. You may not recognize the name, but I’m certain you’ve heard her voice, from singles like 2009’s Silly Boy (which Kanye West gave props to on his bloggy), and of course, Take Over Control (the smash club banger by Afrojack).

Now, the Dutch pop singer is ready to light a fire underneath a solo career, with the release of her new single I Don’t Like You, produced by Zedd. The song was just released digitally on Interscope Records and I freakin’ love it!

Go support this chick!