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By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

MARIA CIEZAK: I must admit that I am just starting out on getting my fix of Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas — you all are fantastic! How did you guys meet?

JESSICA HERNANDEZ: I’ve met the guys at different points over the last couple years. When I was playing around as a solo act I would play shows with them in their other bands or run into them at shows. When things started picking up and I needed a full time bigger band, it was an easy transition into working with these super talented guys I already knew from the Detroit music scene.

MC: What was the music scene like growing up in Detroit? I mean, after all, it’s known for so many iconic things!

JH: You probably wouldn’t guess from the style of music I play now but I was actually really into the hardcore/grindcore/ riot girl scene when I was in high school. I always had a love for soul and Motown and a million other things, but I didn’t get heavy into going to shows every weekend and making music a lifestyle until the high school hardcore days. I spent a lot of time at the Shelter and St. Andrews getting kicked in the head and yelled at by straight-edge kids.

MC: You have a very distinct tone in your voice that I feel is very different from anything out there today. How often do you practice?

JH: I guess I don’t really “practice” singing, but I write every day which involves using my voice and constantly trying out new things vocally. I’ve been singing pretty much my whole life, but I didn’t really find my voice and my own vocal style until I started writing.

MC: I love the new video you released for Dead Brains (acoustic), and I feel like it sums you guys up in a nutshell, almost like a documentary. Would you agree?

JH: Thanks! Yeah, I guess you could say that. There are definitely no frills and it’s really honest. It was all shot in one take on iPhones and I edited it myself knowing very little about video editing.

MC: You have a kick ass tour lined up for the Fall. For a first-time, live-set goer like myself, do you guys switch your performances up at each stop?

JH: Yeah, we try to switch it up. Sometimes we will have a set that we all just really love to play and we will stick with it for a few shows though. We always adjust the set to fit the vibe of the night. If it’s a really chill show, we might play more slow songs than usual or do all of our fun songs if we’re playing a rowdy bar. Whatever fits the vibe of the crowd.

MC: What would you say you enjoy more: recording or live shows?

JH: I don’t think I could say. They are so different for me. Live is all about the energy of the crowd and how they feel and how they respond. That’s what gives you the energy to perform at your best and go nuts. Recording is so personal and all about your own mood and your own energy in that moment.

MC: I bought your EP Live At the Magic Bag, and I must say it hasn’t left my iPod in a few days. Any plans for a full-length in the near future?

JH: Yes! The album has been recorded for a while now but has been taking a while to finish mixing and mastering and getting the final touches right. It’s finally there and is set to be released in March. I can’t wait.

MC: If you describe Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas in five words, what would they be? Go!

JH: Soulful, feel-good, carnie rock. Is feel-good one or two words? [Laughs]


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

17-year-old pop crooner Liam Horne is creating waves with his single The Truth Is. The young Scottish singer/songwriter has a seasoned sound for his age, one that most likely is the result of his difficult past.

Horne grew up in the projects in Aberdeen, Scotland, which would explain his depth and overall mature vibe: “I grew up around violence, drugs, alcohol and murder. Coming to Los Angeles was like taking a burden off my shoulders.”

Luckily for Horne, his talent was noticed by Grammy-winning producer Graham Edwards, who also happens to be his uncle.

To give Horne a foot in the door and to work on his songwriting craft, Edwards worked with Horne to co-write tracks for Justin Bieber, Neon Hitch and Pixie Lott.

Really diggin’ this kid!

Check out the official video for The Truth Is below.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Katy Perry recently premiered a track from her highly-anticipated Prism release, via live performance at the iTunes Festival in London, the incredibly beautiful By The Grace of God. Written about Perry’s suicidal lows after her split with Russell Brand, Perry clearly understands the landscape of heartbreak.

This is quite possibly the most honest song of her career.

Opening up to Billboard about the track, Perry stated: “That song is evident of how tough it really was at a certain point. I asked myself, ‘Do I want to endure? Should I continue living?'”

Perry’s new album, Prism, drops on October 22nd.

Listen to the stunning track below.

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By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

P!nk and mom, Judy Moore, at the premiere of Thanks For Sharing

Thoroughly enjoyed the acting debut of Alecia Moore (P!nk) in Thanks For Sharing, an honest and heartwarming film centering around the lives of recovering sex addicts.

P!nk’s on-screen character felt endearing and authentic, and her open energy was undeniably present. It was nice to see such a beloved performer through a different set of lens.

The movie’s theme reminded me of a hidden gem — and one of my personal favorite P!nk records — the emotionally gritty Long Way To Happy. The track was never released as a single, but its potent honesty continues to help those in need.

Says P!nk:

“I know a lot of people that have been abused and/or molested and/or fucked over by someone close to them. And I’m no exception. And that’s that song.”

Long Way To Happy below + the trailer for Thanks For Sharing following.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Saturday night, a day before #Mileygate, Miley Cyrus dropped her new single Wrecking Ball + the cover art for her forthcoming album, Bangerz. Of course, all of this was quickly overshadowed by her now infamous whack-a-doodle performance with creepy Beetlejuice perv, Robin Thicke.

Today, all that changes, as we place the spotlight on the new track.

After the hedonistic and controversial lead single, We Can’t Stop, one might expect a follow-up just as twerky, but what Wrecking Ball delivers is everything Miley’s newfound image is not: It’s vulnerable, understated, and beautiful. It’s a heartbroken ballad with striking force. It’s grown-up Miley without the awkward tongue flashing and creepy teddy bears.

Wrecking Ball is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

Bangerz is set to drop on October 8th.

Audio below.

***UPDATE: Official music video after the jump!***


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I cannot stop playing this song!

Fact: Indie pop songstress Jetta is f*cking awesome. Especially if we’re basing this opinion solely on her trailblazing track Start A Riot, which has finally been released in the U.S. as part of the long-awaited The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones original soundtrack.

Written by Jetta + James Eliot (Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon), Start A Riot is an obvious gem, a diamond that surfaces through the coals of Jetta’s powerful and soulful vocals, vocals that soar: “My heart aches when I think of you. Let’s run away, let’s start a riot,” she sings.

The UK native initially got her start performing on tour as a backing vocalist for Paloma Faith and Cee Lo Green, and was most recently signed to Lava/Republic Records by Harinder Rana (the man responsible for signing BTB fave, Jessie J).

Listen to the uh-mazing Start A Riot below!



By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

“The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful, and being generous. Everything else is crap, I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it! Be smart, be thoughtful, and be generous.”

-Chris Kutcher

Thank you, Christopher Ashton Kutcher, for making my day!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

OMG, I’m crying. I love it!

Just like her previous smash records, Roar is effortlessly delivered by pop professors Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Perry’s fourth album, Prism (her first since 2010’s Teenage Dream), is set to drop Oct. 22nd.

Roar lyric video below!

(You can’t discard Katy, especially when she creates music with an uplifting message that purrs.)


***UPDATE*** Official Roar music video below!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Every now and then, I find a hidden gem in my inbox — that fresh indie talent that really strikes a chord and gets underneath the skin. Today, that little gem is Los Angeles-based The Rebel Light and their new track Jukebox Dream.

This is the type of indie band that I love. One that isn’t careless and clueless to the current climate of music. One that knows exactly how to craft a sound that sticks. And this track really does have that tight, feel-good grip – it’s nostalgic, retro and gnarly. It tastes like an ice cream float and feels like sunny California. It’s a sound of innocent days gone by while cruising with the top down.

Simply put, it’s a fresh breath of air.

According to lead singer, Will, this track was created in-house – literally! – with instruments in the living room and vocals recorded in the kitchen, further proving the point that creative minds can make something memorable without ridiculous studio tricks.

I’m not fully versed in the rest of their material, but I’m diggin’ this track, and I think it’s safe to say that this is a band worth watching.

Listen to The Rebel Light’s Jukebox Dream below.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Inspired by female icons such as Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry and Edie Sedgwick as much as she is by Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash and Alice in Chains, Olivia Sebastianelli is a star on the rise who comes backed with proper direction. She was signed to a major label at just 17 years old, yet she chose to leave the deal after being unenthused by their plans to turn her into the next Katy Perry.

Instead, she focused on honing her own craft as a songwriter, and is now poised to release of her first EP, Perfect Getaway, on September 9th.

Produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) and mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro), the lead track (Perfect Getaway) contrasts the dreamy, ethereal atmospherics of Rose of Stone – a track/music video she released earlier this year to glowing reviews — with a vibrant surge of pop melody and summery melancholy.

“Perfect Getaway is about getting away from a stressful situation and escaping to be on your own” she explains. “It was one of the first songs I wrote, so it’s nice to give old songs a rebirth.”

With The Kinks’ legend Ray Davies already a fan (“He came up to me after a gig and told me my songs were hauntingly beautiful. That’s quite a feat coming from him”), Olivia Sebastianelli is going to be a name to remember.

Her entirely self-written debut album is set to be released next year.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Certain artists can create mood pieces and tap into feelings that others can’t seem to access. Skylar Grey (Holly Brook) is one of those artists. The music video to her new single White Suburban is proof. It’s hypnotic and heavy, carrying a nostalgia all its own. The piano naturally induces a state of heartbreak, but Skylar’s unique blend of alternative pop with bittersweet lyrics gives each track she touches a little something extra.

Speaking on the track, Grey stated: “My best friend’s family had a really old white suburban and a lot of memories were made in that thing. The song symbolizes that feeling of never being able to fully let go of your first love.”

White Suburban is taken from Grey’s new album Don’t Look Down, out now.

Watch the video for the track below.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

After rising to fame in 2003 with her massively successful + multi-platinum debut album, The Soul Sessions, Joss Stone is back and better than ever. With the release of The Soul Sessions, Volume 2, Stone has just released the worldwide premiere of new single The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind), a piercing and powerful cover of The Dells’ hit from 1971.

All that really needs to be said is that her voice is crystal clear and potent. She owns this song completely and reclaims her throne as the heroine of soul pop.

Video below.

Welcome back, Miss Stone!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Electra Heart by Marina & The Diamonds is an incredible gift-giving machine of an album. So far, sleek visuals have been delivered for tracks Radioactive, How To Be A Heartbreaker, Primadonna, and The State Of Dreaming. And now, the Welsch singer/songwriter is back with the bittersweet video for new single Lies.

Produced by Dr. Luke + Diplo, Lies is repetitive truth that Marina & The Diamonds never disappoints. In the stripped black-and-white clip, Marina oozes realness. Her vocals are lush and her honesty is raw. It doesn’t get more emotionally crystal clear, kids.

Press play and fall in love.

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By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Introducing Los Angeles-based 78Violet!

You may recognize these striking faces as the sisters (Aly and AJ Michalka) formerly behind the pop duo AJ & Aly. Shedding the skin of their past to create a sound that’s lush with a smooth edge, the girls are back and better than ever. Six years after releasing their last LP, Insomniac, Aly and AJ are in the process of finishing a brand new album and have just released the stunning video for lead single Hothouse.

With visuals that would make any earthy-chic fashion label swoon, the video comes back with a beautiful landscape: meadows, stallions and wild flowers. (Eat your heart out, Free People!)

Note: Lana Del Rey-esque intro = actual music starts at the 3:30 mark.

Welcome back, ladies!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

The Maine have released their brand new music video for These Four Words on VEVO. The track, taken from the Arizona pop/rocker’s long-awaited new album Forever Halloween, is nakedly heartfelt.

The bare-bones/black and white clip features Margeaux Brooke from The Face. On her personal blog, Margeaux wrote of the experience: “This beautifully done, single-shot video was directed by my good friend Daniel James Gomes. I just want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to push myself and my acting ability for this very sad, raw and relatable scene.”

Forever Halloween is available on iTunes now.

The Maine is currently headlining the “8123” Tour along with A Rocket To The Moon, This Century and Brighten.

Watch the emotional These Four Words clip below.