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By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

MARIA CIEZAK: Can you give us a little background on how you guys met?

BURNIE BAKER “THA HIT MAKER” of NEW BEAT FUND: Not sure what was in the background when we met, perhaps a hippo going down on a mermaid? All I know is New Beat Fund Iz, and our Iz chills with Oz.

MC: Is there a crazy story behind the band’s name?

NBF: Depends on what you believe in. If you believe we baked the ashes of a piggy bank labeled “New Beat Fund” into a batch of double fudge brownies and ate them to initiate the birth of our band — then you might be on the right track. If you believe in anything else, then you probably enjoy watching paint dry.

MC: I recently saw you guys play with Blink 182 at The Starland Ballroom in NJ — I liked your set. How did you land up on tour with Blink?

NBF: Thank you. We sent an ice cream Oreo cookie cake decorated as a yin yang symbol to Tom’s PO Box. Not sure if he liked it, but we’re now on tour with them.

MC: You guys played a sick cover of Sublime. Do you do a lot of covers?

NBF: No, we only do one, but we combine two halves of two different songs into one cover song. We eventually hope to be a Celine Dion cover band. That is our dream.

MC: Can you tell us a little bit about the new EP?

NBF: It’s called CoiNz ($) and you can get it for free at If you like layin’ out on the beach with a beer and a blunt in your paws, then you should probably download it.

MC: What was it like growing up in LA? Do you find that it’s harder starting out there as a band?

NBF: It’s all we know of growing up. Yeah, people try to come here to make it, but if you know your hustle and your hustle is true, then LA is the place for you.

MC: If you had to place your music into a specific genre, what would it be?

NBF: G-punk / Beach Funk.

MC: I noticed you just announced a nice fall tour with 3OH3! That should be cool. Any venue in particular you are most excited to play?

NBF: To be honest, we’re stoked to play all of them. We’ll find out which venue likes to play with us most and report back to you.

MC: If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

NBF: Cereal killer.

MC: I heard Scare Me on the radio the other day. People seem to really be enjoying the single. How did you know that was the one?

NBF: The same way I picked all my ex-girlfriends.

MC: Sum up New Beat Fund in five words.

NBF: Uh Shut Up Stupid Idiot.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Cutie alert!

Craving a slice of bubblegum pop? Budding artist Alex Aiono will satisfy your fix. His new video for Doesn’t Get Better is high in sugar content. And although it’s apparent that he’s trying to reach a certain niche (*cough* teen girls *cough*), don’t let his infectious sound fool ya. He’s spent time writing songs with Grammy writers/producers like John Legend, Billy Mann and Babyface.

Check out Doesn’t Get Better + the hilarious Horny Unicorns following.

I’m likin’ this guy!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

And I’m officially disturbed!

So I don’t keep up with all the stupid teeny-bopper nonsense in the world, so I’m a little late to this perhaps, but I just found out that Justin Bieber’s fans call his, um, wing wang, Jerry. Yup! As in your friend’s dad. Or the guy sitting next to you at Starbucks. Or that dude from Parks & Recreation.

Funny, because it’s absolutely ridiculous. Depressing, because I have no faith left in the human race. JK, you guys!

See Jerry in action below! The little fella’s got some moves, huh?

Wait a second. What the hell am I talking about?!

Is it Friday yet?

To redeem myself/make up for the stupidity of this post, check out the incredible Biebs cover by VanLadyLove below. Love!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

^BiggerThanBeyonce.Com sticker graffiti! Love it!

“Sia and I have done amazing collaborations together. She worked with me on the movie soundtrack ‘Burlesque’, which we got a Golden Globe nomination for. We also did a lot of work on my ‘Bionic’ record that was very sentimental and very intimate and vulnerable feeling, and that’s what I love about working with her. It’s a very natural process and we wrote a beautiful song together called ‘Blank Page’. A lot of people that hear the record say ‘That’s my favorite song on the whole record’. It’s one of those songs that I think everyone can connect to on a certain level.”


Experience the epicsauce below.

Cannot wait for Lotus!

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By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

So needless to say, yesterday was hella fun! Topless protest (sorta/kinda/not really a protest – see video below) in Bryant Park… The boys were lovin’ it! And I loved how happy it made them! I mean, look at those faces. Kinda makes me wish I had boobs. Anywho, I digress…

Meet Moira Johnston, a female rights activist from Philly who has become notorious for blaring her ta-ta’s this summer, to bring awareness to the fact that it’s a woman’s legal right to be topless in NYC. Crazy, right? I had no clue either! According to a 1992 law, female New Yorkers have the right to go topless anywhere men can, so long as they’re not engaged in commerce.

Learn something new errday!

On a separate yet related note, within hours of posting the above picture to my Facebook account, the photo was removed. Nothing says punk rock like violating Facebook! I don’t know if this was all Facebook’s doing, or if one of my “friends” turned me in first, but either way, I found it to be a complete joke! Which then, of course, circled back to why Moira has her boobies flappin’ in the breeze in the first place.

Oh, society. You and your stupidity never cease to amaze me.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

And really exudes the gayness level equal to that of One Direction.

Love it!

(I’m not hating on One Direction. I admit to devouring their sugar.)


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com


Seriously. This is kinda weird, no? For some reason (clueless party of one, please!), Taylor and Justin were invited to the Walmart Shareholders Meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas last week. I have one question: WHY? I’m completely confuzzled!

Timberlake, who hosted the event, talked to thousands of Walmart peeps from the stage. And by peeps, I assume this means people who invest in the company, not the actual employees themselves? Again, clueless. Anywho, CCC (cute, cuddly, and charming) JT informed the crowd that he wanted to bring out an actual Wally World customer to interview regarding their overall shopping experience at the super cheap (no shade, the place is cheap!) establishment. As it turns out, the shopper was Taylor herself.

Taylor was also a guest performer of the evening.

I mean, I get it. It’s good promotion, but it’s still slightly odd! AMIRIGHT?!

Funny and cute interview regardless.

Interview below + Taylor performing Mean at the event following.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Okay. Who put salvia in James Franco’s pot pipe?!

Your WTH moment of the day, kids.

Of course, the real buzzkill is that James Franco and Selena Gomez will co-star in the upcoming film Spring Breakers, so clearly this is a publicity stunt. Kinda takes away from the hilarity of it all, but whatev! It still made me laugh…

And I keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat, lol.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

“Your actions have consequences, and I’m afraid I have no choice,” RuPaul told contestant Willam Belli on a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race before disqualifying her from the competition, leaving many fans (including myself) uttering three letters: W.T.F.?!

Since then, speculation has spread like wildfire over the internetz, with errbody trying to figure out why the bitch got da boot!

Well, kids…

In the words of Miz Willam herself:

BTW: Willam’s new single — instant classic, right?! If you watch this and do not laugh/smile, your sense of humor seriously sucks butt!!!

[RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Logo TV.]

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By: Rob Brayl
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“I have a special pair of poop shoes under my desk. Whenever I need to drop a deuce, I slip them on and scurry to the restroom, and no one ever knows it’s me. Like, if I’m wearing Louboutins that day, and my producer sees Earth shoes in the stall…well, you get the idea. It was truly a lightbulb moment when that came to me.”

–Oprah Winfrey

And to switch the subject from poop to music (since hey, this is a damn music blog after all), if you haven’t seen Oprah’s special on rock legend Steven Tyler, I’d highly recommend it. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Watch in full below.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I’m all for forgiveness, but Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown again is just straight up sad to me. I’ve seen Rihanna in concert and I’ve supported her music for years, but after the abuse became public, her actions have been really inconsiderate. She had such a platform to make a positive statement to all the young girls who idolize her and instead she has almost let the abuse slide underneath the rug, releasing singles that continuously perpetuate the stereotype that women are nothing but sex objects. I like a fun, sexy song (even though she often takes it to an annoying level), but with Rihanna and her history it becomes so much more than that. It’s simply sending the wrong message.


And now, for a little comic relief… I LOVE GLOZELL!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

For making this God-awful video! This is just a pain to watch. The song is definitely not her best effort either. It sorta sucks balls. Sorry for the college frat boy review, but seriously, my brain is fried after watching this shiz.

On the plus side…

Actually, there isn’t a plus side.

Watch at your own risk, suckas!


By: Rob Brayl
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Time to punch a dude in the ballsack!

After all these years, I still LOVE this damn song. It gets me.

Where the hell is Meredith Brooks these days, anyways? For real, someone else do the research for once. I’m cranky and on my period!!!


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

No, you’re not stuck in a vegan nightmare. This is actually a Bieber face cake, made out of ground beef and bacon (precisely placed for that magical Bieber hair allure). I’m assuming the teef are onions and the eyes are olives? This is worse than Paranoid Activity 3!!! Totally creepy.

Something that isn’t creepy is the fact that JB is the first artist on Universal Music’s roster to ever donate a portion of the proceeds from an album (with his new holiday effort, Under The Mistletoe) to charity.

That’s pretty cool.

Learn more via Chelsea Lately below.