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By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Want some hard, ripping rock to channel through the cosmos? Adjust your antennae to The Age of the Universe. They’ve got enough psych, prog and alt rock to last you all the way home.

This isn’t my usual flavour for a fix, but you’ve gotta give credit where its due. Singularity is a haunting debut, and I’m sure it’ll stick on the right ears.

But why waste time when their press release says it all for me?: “Think members of Pink Floyd jamming with someone from Muse and Black Sabbath.”

Spot on.


By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

It’s been almost three years since Cher Lloyd released her rambunctious debut album and regardless of sales or chart positions, her brand new sophomore release, Sorry I’m Late, is no fall from grace. In fact, this is a more polished, mature Lloyd, and the album is a solid piece of popography from an artist whose talent is apparent and evolving.

This is an album you want to buy. The track Human alone is worth the money. It sits on top of the heap as one of the best pop tracks released in 2014 and certainly the best in Lloyd’s career. Yes, I said it.



By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Electronica’s a funny thing. I always expect every act to sound the same, because really, how much can one do with remixes, samples, and synthesizers?

Turns out a lot. The Devine Xperience, recently signed to Keoki records, are birthing alternative realities with their time-defying, super-charging, futuristic melodies.

Anything with the “dubstep” tag used to be met with my immediate suspicion and scorn. Yet The Devine Xperience softens the hard-hitting bass lines typically associated with the genre by infusing a slough of musical movements, such as trance, acid, and electro. Plus, Vanessa’s voice keeps my ears rapt with attention.

Robert (who writes all the music) has this to say of the project:

“I try to take listeners on a journey into their innermost senses, almost as though I’m acting as a musical shaman.”

That goal is unequivocally reached! This album is right up there with chakra chants and Korean meditation music for hitting the sweet spot of a vision quest. Seriously: during Completely In A Trance, close your eyes right when Vanessa says so. Your lobes will fuzz!

Disorientation is made surprisingly soothing with this dimension-bending, pleasantly unique release.