By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Reggae is mesmerizing. It emanates such druggy soul, such palpable wisdom. One has to dance or do nothing at all. One has to bob, weave, or sit cross-legged, overcome by the rolling, primal rhythms.

Meld that power with digestible pop rock and fist-pumping funk, and you’ve got Drunksouls (not to mention a wicked party playlist).

Drunksouls have been toiling in France’s music scene since 2002, and all their sowing has begun to seed. The music video for Human Race (below!) has hit over two million views. Turns out setting French accents to reggae is like sneaking spinach into your fruit smoothie: undeniably nutritious, unexpectedly delicious. And they do the same with socially-conscious lyrics and rockin’ hooks, not to mention revolutionary punk spirit. This music is a glimpse of enlightened summertime, a leisure that inspires, surges, and motivates. Whether you need to mellow out some harsher vibes or rev up for a workout (or rally), reach out to Drunksouls for your fix. The best place to start would be Just Before Chaos, a compilation cd of their most energetic, entrancing works.

Bolstered by burgeoning interest across the Atlantic, they’re looking to book an American tour.

Wanna come?

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