By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

The best beauty is wrenching. It falls so far beneath the skin, into the crevasses and gaping scars of the soul.

Lakefield is one big gorgeous vibration. It was conceived by five friends from Vancouver: Kate on keys and belting the stunning songs, Steven on guitar while backing up Kate’s vocals, Kyle holding steady on bass, Bryan adding another rich layer of guitar, and Paul beating the heart of the drums.

The result? Sonic poetry.

They sound like Death Cab For Cutie, but deeper, and far more eloquent. Whether they drag you through a psychological storm or allow you to splash in puddles the following morn, you’re going to leave with wet eyes.

They ached and bled against their instruments for five years and one full-length album before impaling themselves on six final sonnets.

I’m sad the title of their 2014 EP, Swan Songs, is literal (for the band’s lifeline). I’m sad true talent fails to promise a paycheque, and creative industries choose Chart-Busters over real art. Even if your act whispers of commercial appeal, there’s no guarantee you’ll find yourself on top. It’s a gamble, and as a result, too many amazing bands leave the casino with empty pockets.

I hope they know people appreciate all that they’re leaving behind.

It’s sad, but beautiful.

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