By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

A serious cause coupled with a smooth beat. This is what all music should be!

Gemini Wired is a fresh addition to the R&B scene, and before flooding the market with her debut EP, she’s already using her talent for selfless means.

What Now is a track boasting full, thriving sound. The lyrics and music video centre on an issue finally receiving the media attention it deserves: bullying.

Gemini suffered bullying herself in younger years, and is channelling past hurts into an outreach for others: “These bullies cannot beat us. …I want my What Now song and video to inspire as many people as possible.”

This song stands up against more than bullying; it also takes a simple yet poignant stab at greed.

Gemini sings, eyes closed, lips suffused with melody, “My music ain’t about the money; I take it all and give it away.”

Listen, learn.

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