By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Hypnosis is a sign of good music. When a musician echoes so loud and long in your skull they become one with your brain, you know they’ve got good stuff going. After all, isn’t music one of the purest forms of connection, liberation, meditation? Some of the best songs only wake you up after they’ve put you to sleep.

Stoney is the UK’s latest snake charmer. He made some bloody fine burrows in Sheffield’s underground before crawling his way up to the surface.

Musically speaking, Stoney’s a connoisseur. His obviously keen ear allows for dabbles in pop, rock, indie and trance, lashing out with tiger’s claws only to slip into a kitten’s coat. His haunting, porcelain voice reminds me of Rob Smith (that accent always helps…), the sweet slush backing it a milkshake of Pulp and The Kinks.

I’ll often argue that an artist is better off releasing an EP, so as to ensure that all songs reap serious quality and leave out the fucking filler. However, Stoney has given us an entire album worthy of replay. More Than Animals is a mountain landscape, rolling from crushing peaks to gentle valleys. More valleys than I’d prefer, but I know most people need kisses between their punches. I like it best when he lets the reigns snap and shows some alternative attitude, like in Devil On My Back or The Score. You know me: I need music sharper than my boyfriend’s shaving kit. If such slicing, sweaty tunes can make me dance, even better.

Despite making ripples in the scene, Stoney’s striking far away from conformity. He’s settled down in Texas, to work on more music while basking in sunshine. This has lead to him picking up other projects (including Bobby Jealousy, a dirty pop-punk band that sounds ready for its own review), keeping a balanced focus between his solo and group works. I guess the best artists need more than one outlet!

The only song from More Than Animals with a vid so far is We Belonged, one of the gentler tracks that I feel falls beneath his full potential. Regardless, the visuals are beautiful, and the emotions real.

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