By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Amelia Scalies caught my attention soon as I sat down to listen.

I was braced with sudden drums, emphatic, easy-going guitar, and a voice twirling on the tightrope between indie and radio pop.

I Should Have Known is her breakaway album, boasting ten original tracks and one cover (a string-fuelled strip-down of MCR’s The Black Parade).

Through this AP, you can get a peak of the world through the eyes of a poetic girl budding into a wise, talented woman. While some may use access to a microphone as a chance to bask in narcissism, Amelia wants to make a difference. Take Don’t Let Them Win, a song encouraging bullying victims to persevere.

I only wish the guitar was ten times harder. However, lots of young artists start with a low volume. I’m sure her mellow playing will empower the next generation.

This is what would have happened to Kelly Clarkson if she’d started a real band. (Though saying that I sell Amelia short.)

It’s encouraging to hear another girl perform songs that are clearly her own. She plucks the guitar, she strokes the violin, she pens the lyrics. Her music is accessible, and not so intimidating that singer-songwriter hopefuls may shy away.

In that sense, Amelia is right at the heart of indie philosophy.

I leave you with Don’t Let Them Win. Not the rockiest tune, but one of the most relatable.

Amelia Scalies – Don’t Let Them Win (Audio)

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