By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Ever wonder how the Beatles would have sounded if they were a sister duo? No? You’re about to find out regardless.

The MonaLisa Twins hail from Austria, where they started out singing covers and releasing the results on Youtube. Creativity is a forceful drug (as many of us know), and it wasn’t long until Mona and Lisa (yes, those are their actual names) were stitching quilts of original music. When We’re Together is their debut album, and while I’m one year late in my discovery, their poppy 60’s throwback is still fresh.

I find their act endearing, if not a wee bit twee. Though really, what sort of indie folk is without a spoonful of the saccharine? And the cute doesn’t stop with their recordings. The music video for the album’s title track is swamped with sweetness.

The girls explain the premise best themselves: “We installed a canvas on the walls of Stables market in Camden, London’s world-famous art district. We… started with a big red heart in the centre. Pedestrians joined in and added their ideas… to the painting. …Everyone walked away with a smile on their face.”

The way I see it, that’s what these girls want to do: make people smile. Thus far, they’re getting it right.

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