By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

More and more, I’m finding myself strung out by soul. Combining fiddles, electric mandolins and fizzling guitars with unexpected drumbeats, The Boston Boys have hooked a soniferous strangeness. At first play you find yourself insta-chilled, yet the longer you listen the more you find there’s definite movement beneath their deceptively cool exteriors.

Apparently they belong to the music style “Future Roots”, a smoothie-blend of soul, rock, americana and blues, topping it all off with the cherry of pop-friendly melody. One of the seven bands nationally selected for Obama’s re-election campaign, they are the poster boys of luck as well as hard work. What You Say?!, their first EP, was released in 2012, yet they’ve already snuck back into the studio to put down Keep You Satisfied, which won’t be officially let loose until October. However, if you’re thirsting for new vibrations, they’re already streaming it HERE.

Better still: though they formed in Boston (hence the name), they’re currently based in Brooklyn, and we all know how much BTB loves that borough!

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