By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

MARIA CIEZAK: For those unfamiliar with Heavy English, what’s the brief backstory?

SAL BOSSIO from HEAVY ENGLISH: Well, Dan & I have been making music and touring together since 2005 with our former band. The band broke up and we all went our separate ways for a few years, but the two of us eventually reconnected. We lived on opposite sides of the country initially working on some of my ideas via Skype, until we realized it was slowing us down. At the very end of 2011, I moved back to New York and went at it full force. We spent over six months writing before Ari was introduced to us through our mutual friend and longtime collaborator/producer, Bryan Russell. This is when Heavy English was starting to feel like a band.

MC: The name of the band — any crazy story behind it?

HE: The story of our name is simple and not very interesting. It’s two words that randomly came to me on a flight in the prelim stages of the band, and a year later we all decided it was the one. But it really just means to put heavy spin on a ball. We all thought that was cool, so that’s just a plus.

MC: I’m in love with the single 21 Flights and have been hearing it on Sirius radio a lot lately. How has the reaction been to people hearing your music on the radio?

HE: The reaction to 21 Flights has been phenomenal; to be honest, I haven’t seen a bad word about it. That definitely doesn’t happen nowadays. Everyone is so critical and they’re all haters.

MC: Do you blast it when you hear it come on?

HE: We’re constantly hearing from old friends that are hearing it on the radio, but we still have yet to hear it ourselves, so no blasting just yet.

MC: Being from New York, I know you guys play a lot of shows locally (which I’m hoping to check out soon!) — any plans for a tour in the near future?

HE: We do plan to tour, but not exactly sure when as of now.

MC: What about an album? Possibly an EP?

HE: We will be putting out an album; it’s looking like early 2014. You probably won’t ever see an EP from us.

MC: Your sound as a group is so full for a three-piece. Did you ever consider making the lineup larger, or was this always the plan?

HE: We wrote the album and recorded it live as a three-piece (drums/bass/guitar). If we felt something needed to be layered on the studio, we did that. Dan is responsible for supplying us with that extra layer live. It’s actually pretty amazing; he plays drums & SPDS at the same time. SPDS is a pad that triggers certain notes or chords and he plays it like an instrument with his drumsticks on all the off-beats. So at the very least, we sound like a four-piece, even though there’s only three of us on stage. Have we thought about adding people to the live show? Yes, we thought about having two girls sing harms and do percussion like Talking Heads in Stop Making Sense. That’s about it.

MC: What is the ultimate goal for Heavy English?

HE: The ultimate goal is to make good music first and foremost, be able to share it with the world and hope that people enjoy it. We just want our music to be heard everywhere and we want to tour on it cause our live show is fun.

MC: For fans to get to know you better, what is the best way for them to reach you?

HE: Fans can reach us on Twitter or Facebook, or they can get us at heavyenglishmail@gmail.com — either of those work.

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