By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of rock’s hottest up and coming acts, Beware of Darkness. Kyle and Tony took the time to talk to BiggerThanBeyonce.Com about their new music, life on the road, and rising success. Their debut record, Orthodox, is available on iTunes now!

MARIA CIEZAK: First and foremost, I want to congratulate you guys on all the success. Tell us a little bit about how you the band came to be.

BEWARE OF DARKNESS: Thank you. We all met in LA. Tony and I met at an R&B show downtown, and we met Dan a bit after. Dan was living in New Jersey and found out he had a half-brother living in Santa Monica. He came out here to visit, and we all wound up meeting each other. Fate.

MC: Your sound is extremely full for a three-piece. In the past, did you ever consider adding more members?

BOD: Yes. It’s still a passing thought every now and then. Anyone and everyone who plays tuba or a related brass instrument should email

MC: Your debut record, Orthodox, is really getting quite a buzz. Can you tell us about the writing process on this album?

BOD: The writing process was get out every single idea and then organize them into a complete cohesive record.

MC: Single Howl is doing very well on active rock radio. What made you guys decide to pick this track?

BOD: It was a no-brainer. The people around us reacted to it, and it acts as a very powerful introduction to the band. Like hello world, here we are! Bam! Honestly, I never thought it would be doing this well, and it’s still going. We played Pohoda Festival in Slovakia yesterday and people freaked the fuck out when we played it and were singing along and dancing. It’s crazy to be halfway across the world and have people react like that.

MC: I see you have a heavy tour lineup this summer with various different artists! I will be catching you guys in New Jersey on August 17th. Any venue in particular you are most looking forward to?

BOD: We’re about to play Wembley with the Smashing Pumpkins on July 22nd. To be able to play there already is surreal.

Tony- I’m really looking forward to Verizon Wireless in Irvine, CA in September, because last time we played it was for Epicenter Festival and we had technical difficulties. I feel like we owe the venue a great show.

MC: Do you guys ever get homesick on these long touring stints? Any “band rituals” you stick to on a daily basis?

BOD: I don’t at all. I’ve been at home my whole life writing songs and wishing I was touring. Now we get a chance to travel the world and play music.

MC: What would you say you enjoy more, recording or live performances?

BOD: To say we get to do both is pretty cool.

MC: Any insight on what the next single will be?

BOD: All Who Remain. It’s going to be big.

MC: There are so many bands out there these days battling for the same listener. I feel you guys fit in the format well, yet still have your own unique style. How do you maintain that “stick out” sound? Or do you even think about this when recording?

BOD: Thanks. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is good songwriting. Style and production change over time, but at the core, there’s got to be a real song under it. Also, about sticking out, it’s not hard when every other band out there is either feebly whispering and hiding behind 14 synthesizers and backing tracks, or playing folk music, dressed like fairies, stupidly smiling on stage and singing happy songs for two hours. Is there depth to that? Is that real? Is there sex to it? Is that fulfilling? Absolutely not. To answer your question, we stand out because of that.

MC: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

BOD: I would’ve graduated college and either pursued a career in social psychology or be at home writing a novel.

MC: Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

BOD: J. Cole’s new record is brilliant. Other stuff we’re listening to is Ryan Adams, St. Vincent, Regina Spektor, King, Dead Sara, and Joanna Newsom. Arctic Monkeys are great. The new Queens of The Stone Age record is good too.

MC: Any plans for a fall tour?

BOD: We’re playing Uproar with Alice in Chains and Janes Addiction in August and September. Going back to the UK for Reading and Leeds, playing Rob Zombies Horror Night on Halloween, and then we tour America again.

MC: For BiggerThanBeyonce readers who are unfamiliar with Beware of Darkness, give five words to describe your band.

BOD: Raw, Soul, Rock, Love & Passion.

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