By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Electro meditation coming your way!

Some days you need to plug in and let music do the thinking for you. When your brain is up in the aches there’s nothing better than submitting yourself to a sound that strays into the ethereal.
Today, Two Chapels is the numbing agent for my emotional toothache.

This downtempo duo consists of Jenn Grossman and Marc Wilhite, both electro composers with a yen for sensual audio entanglements. Jenn takes to the recording studio with singing while the both of them work together to produce a dream-like instrumental backdrop. Think Massive Attack with female vocals: trance-like, responsive, a template of internal, emotional movement. If they hope to shake the boat while simultaneously quelling the storm, their new single Forgotten does just that.

I found this song subtle but effective. I had to keep it on a continuous loop before realizing the depth of its composition. Forgotten is evocative, haunting, yet altogether calming. The sound ossifies all organs until everything inside you is still. Jenn’s voice strikes out against the murky swamps of sound, acting as your spirit guide through a landscape that is both aimless and beautiful.

Some modern acts leave me cold, but right now I’m nothing but warm.

Do you feel it?

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