By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

[Photo Cred: Chunyi McIver]

I’m grateful sites like Kickstarter exist. Were it not for generous backers, these gentle sounds would not be gracing my ears.

The Jinxes are poppy folk with extra fizz. An adorable couple (in both the romantic and creative sense), they are the two sole ingredients to a strangely satisfying recipe. Deanna’s voice reminds me of Kimya Dawson, while Kevin’s is more of a mellow Ed Sheeran. The resulting harmony is simple, stripped down and seemingly effortless.

Send Me A Sign is their first-ever release- a short/sweet EP package wrapped up in a summer breeze. In spite of its modest four-track stack, this compilation resounds with depth and flexibility. One minute you’re licking your lips from the saccharine sweetness, then next you’re teary-eyed.

It’s no wonder they got the support they required. This darling duo has a lot of heart and talent to share. They are without a doubt a wonderful soundtrack for lazing in the sun or falling in love.

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