By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

There is a new buzz in the music world that goes by the name of Social Club. Fresh off of SXSW, and with a brand new album (Gamma Rays) under their belt, they are destined for greatness. I recently had the opportunity to chat with the band about their story, music, touring, and more. They are artists on the rise, so be sure to join the movement.

MARIA CIEZAK: For those who are unfamiliar with Social Club, can you provide a brief back story?

SOCIAL CLUB: Well, it all started a little over two years ago, when lead singer/guitarist John Levan and bass player James Spratley left a local hip hop band to start their own project. They started going to all the local open mic nights, and that is where they met drummer Jeffrey Litzman and keyboardist Thea Tochihara.

MC: Any crazy, inspirational story behind the name? I had to ask.

SC: [Laughs] Nothing really crazy. We felt the way we all came together to form the band, it was a very fitting name. We all have different backgrounds and personalities. We are bringing that all together to put out the best music we know how.

MC: How was the music scene growing up San Diego? Was there one?

SC: We actually didn’t grow up in San Diego. We are all transplants from different states. James is from Virginia Beach. Thea is from Denver, Colorado. John is from Charleston, WV. And Jeff is from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The music scene in San Diego is awesome. And that is why we love playing venues like the Casbah, that has been around for a while.

MC: If you had to place your sound into a particular genre, could you?

SC: We really don’t like to. But I guess you force us to do so. We would say indie alternative pop rock. [Laughs]

MC: Tell us a little bit about your new album, Gamma Rays.

SC: Oh, we definitely shed a bunch of blood, sweat and tears over this album. [Laughs] Nah, it’s pretty much a feel-good album. We tried to stay true to ourselves and stuck with whatever came out, pretty much. We put all genres aside when it comes to writing music. And this album shows how our different backgrounds all came together.

MC: Now that age old question that I am always curious about, for I am the furthest thing from a musician: What comes first? The music or the lyrics?

SC: Definitely the music. We like to jam out at practice, just to see what comes out. And that is how a lot of our sounds came to be.

MC: What would you say you enjoy more? Studio time or live shows?

SC: Honestly, there is nothing better than live shows. You get to share the magnificent feeling of playing music to all your friends. And also it is great seeing their reaction to what you have created.

MC: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

SC: If we weren’t making music, we would be listening to it. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything else to do in life, right? [Laughs]

MC: You are absolutely right in that statement, hence what I am doing here!

Dream collaboration?

SC: Dream collaboration. That is one of the toughest questions for us. Probably Muse or The Killers. Actually any bands, MCs or DJs that are good at their craft and want to join forces to rock the world. This is now an open invitation. [Laughs]

MC: What social outlet is best for fans to connect with you?

SC: The best way to connect with us is to come out to one of our shows, or you can visit www.SocialClubJams.com, where we have any social media outlet you are most comfortable with.

MC: Now that the record is successfully out (and I highly recommend everyone to pick one up), what’s next?

SC: Next we will be rocking as many shows as possible and promoting the album Gamma Rays. We also have some video ideas we are gearing up for. So keep an eye out.

MC: Describe Social Club in five words.

SC: Your next favorite band, hopefully.

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