By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

It’s a wonderful thing when people use music not only to express, but to connect.

Let me shoot you a hypothetical. Say you and your bestest buddy get arrested with charges of marijuana trafficking conspiracy, and you are both required by law not to contact each other. (I know it’s specific- bear with me!)

Your buddy’s in NY; you’re in UT. When you hear the news of his sentencing (30 months in prison), what do you do? Mope, moan, bitch to no one? Or do you find a way to support him without breaking the rules?

Rob Reinfurt of The Weekenders did just that. Rather than fighting against the system and getting himself in more trouble, he channelled all his feelings into the song Chin Up, hoping the heartfelt message would reach his friend Eric through the grapevine.

It did. And it caught my attention too.

The tone of the song isn’t typical for the band in question. The Weekenders merit a smoky-eyed blues rock thrum, reminding one of The Black Keys or a stoned Led Zeppelin set. Chin Up is even more low-tempo than their usual repertoire, but it still shoots ripples on my brain-lake. You can feel the pain of separation in the lyrics and rusty twang of the guitar, and that makes it legitimate.

Rob express his motivation for writing the song: “I wanted him to know we’re all thinking of him and shining light his way.”

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