By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Slim Loris is here to mix the cloud with sun. An Americana indie band, they’ve pulled all the plugs on expectation. Instead of playing purveyor to chipper lyrics commonly associated with indie pop, they spike their performance with emotional sobriety. This does nothing to stop me from hitting repeat!

I’m glad I came to know them upon their second release, Future Echoes and Past Replays. You can learn a lot about a band from their second album. A follow-up delivery means they’ve had a chance to mellow down/grow up and garner a group identity. It’s when their true colours start to show.

Slim Loris’ shades are nothing short of striking. This Swedish band has a high musical IQ. With wisdom comes sadness, but I don’t begrudge them for that.

I like them. Those three words hardly do my feelings justice, but it’s all I’m left with! They give me rainy days overcast with rainbows, sad smiles, peaceful goodbyes, sweat from the earth and hugs from the heart.

If craving nutritious soul-food, press play immediately.

Slim Loris – Fear of Flying (Audio)

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