By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I’ve got my fingernails stuck in this sound.

I know I’m not the person you’d expect to see chugging a Russian/German electronic rush. (Especially from a band so distractively badass!) What can I say? Talent’s talent, regardless of genre affiliation.

My Woshin Mashin (yes, you read that right) is a three-man set, each member more crammed with skill than the last. At first the sound came off almost too dangerous for my unprepared ears, but I quickly grew to love the chaos.

The feedback hits hard, screaming of underground clubs and violent dreams. You may think this group’s only prerogative is to fill up all respective dance floors, but I assure you there’s more than meets the dehydrated eye. If you listen, you’ll find a message in between remixes.

When it comes to social commentary, Evil Must Die (their 2013 album) has its bases covered. The band members themselves explain it best:

“Our first album was… hard beats, funny lyrics, dance tunes… a very funny album. But when we were working on Evil Must Die, we decided to concentrate on things from the real world- degradation of the television, money as a modern god, animal rights, really bad people we know and their behaviour, the loneliness of true heroes, etc. By this album we’re trying to say that people must be more intelligent and simple; they must try to change themselves into a better way and try to find the real values of life. It’s not about the money, a good job, democracy, power, expensive stuff, social networks or television. It’s about the inner God who can be described simply: Love.”

In other words, these blokes will compel you to rave and philosophize simultaneously. Magic.

Get a sampler of the album below, and prepare to be dosed!

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