By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

California’s own, The Story So Far, have released a new album entitled What You Don’t See, available for purchase now. The record was produced by Steven Klein, who you may know from a little band called New Found Glory. I must admit, I was a little nervous when I first heard Klein was going to be working on this record, for some of his previous work is compiled with bass, bass, and more bass. However, the album isn’t too mixed down, it’s somewhat perfection actually.

Two years ago, this band came crawling out from under a rock, with a debut album (Under Soil & Dirt) that made me an insta-fan. This record also gave them major success, touring with many known names, and giving punk rock fans that fix they had been yearning for over the years. It was actually one of the best freshmen albums I had ever heard. Currently, The Story So Far completely negates that age-old theory that once a sophomore record comes along that bands tend to demise. This album in fact solidifies all of the fame they have acquired.

To be blunt, I truly cannot find a single flaw in this album.

One thing about The Story So Far that always grabs my attention are the lead vocals, for they are undeniably blessed in that area. Parker Cannon is a diamond in the rough; no whining, no screeching, just pure talent. He is so relentlessly talented on recordings and so full of energy, that you will be sucked in immediately. Long story short, this record doesn’t have a single filler track on it. Standout tracks include: Things I Can’t Change, Right Here, and The Glass.

If you are a fan of bands such as The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, or any pop punk band, you will dig this new product.

Check out the official video for Empty Space below, and get a tease of what you are in store for on this new record. Their music has continued to shatter anyone who doubts their staying power. They now own the world.

Job well done.

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