By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Anyone ready to click for a cause?

The media’s a funny thing. When whatever tragedy’s in the spotlight, it gets an overwhelming amount of attention and support (which is amazing!). Sadly, when the media tires of the same old story about, let’s say, Haiti, and turns its unblinking eye away, the public at large seems to forget. They figure that if the coverage has lessened, the problem must have dissipated as well.

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. Even three years later, Haiti has yet to fully rebuild from its infamous, devastating earthquake. Luckily, not everyone’s forgotten.

Enter Dino Jag, a pop artist of Bruno Mars ability. When he heard of the brutal disaster, he was recording a demo for Calling All The Saints. He realized this song was destined for the people of Haiti. To coincide with the anniversary of that tragic event he has since re-released the track to make sure Haiti stays in the spotlight.

His mission isn’t just one of education, either. 50% of all song sales will be given to charities helping the people of Haiti rebuild and recover.

The recording itself is wholesome, heartfelt and aching with urgency. Even if the pure-pop’s not in your style, it’s worth the few extra bucks.

Don’t you think?

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