By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I’ll do my best not to gush. It’s just… Rancid was a landmark group for me. …And Out Come the Wolves was one of my first proper punk albums (right next to Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols). Songs like Daly City Train and David Courtney still boil my blood with nostalgia. They’ve got a rev in their rocket that made undeniable ripples on the alt. seascape. And Tim Armstrong’s voice is always set to make me melt.

…I just channelled fan-girl. Geez.

Even if they’re not your favourite, you must concede that they helped revive street punk in the ‘90’s. Not only did they blow dust off the underground, but they dared to bring it to mainstream attention. Amazingly, they did so without sacrificing their essence or honesty.

People have, however, been pining for new releases. Almost each core member has pursued side-projects through the years, and prolonged silences have popped up here and there. Their last album Let the Dominos Fall was released in 2009, and there’s been little mention of upcoming projects since.

But hope prevails! They’ve just released a single.

A red-hot, pure punk, NSFW single.

My heart’s pumped full of happy. Fuck You goes back to their radical roots (see what I did there…?), never sacrificing tone for tension. It removes previous ska influence and replaces it with hard-boiled chorus-lines.

The song was enough to add sizzle in my step, but the fact that it’s a free download rocked me into overdrive. That’s want you want to see from punk veterans: legitimacy.

I ended up gushing, didn’t I? Oh well.

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