By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Just when you thought alt. rock lost its charm…

Enter Grown Up Avenger Stuff. (No, I’m not poorly attempting to describe a Joss Whedon film.)

GUAS are full of pep and punch. They’re the new kids on the block with a band-birthday of about three years. And they are armed with awesome.

Though they sit on a traditional four-piece lineup, I feel they’re doing something different for the stage. Rather than losing all attention to the leading lady or getting lost in a generic swamp of sound, each member stands out while complimenting everyone else. You’re acutely aware of each instrument and the way they power up Deirdre’s blazing rocket of a voice.

John’s fingerwork is fantastic; Hunter’s bass is the glue that holds the badass together; and Tyler’s rhythm is so furious I’ll bet his drum sticks sizzle after a show.

I find them not only raw, but relatable. They look like real people who just so happen to eat, breathe and sweat music.

They’ve got the same bite as Spiderbait, a similar gumption to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. To the joy of audiences everywhere they’ve been globe-trotting, all for the sake of promoting their 2012 album, Alive.

This disc is short and bittersweet. It exhibits a surprising amount of musical maturity for a debut. Morning Noon and Night keeps you tied back to contemporary rock vibes, while songs like Here reflect a zeal that can only be attributed to punk influence. All in all, it’s a moshpit birthed from their brainwaves.

The cherry on top of this smooth sundae? They produced Alive themselves. That kind of hands-on dedication really gets me tingling. It’s a big fat something when bands dare to take creative control into their capable hands. The result will almost always merit a thumbs up.

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