By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Love and heartache is the peanut butter and jelly to any good breakup anthem, but when you take those two elements and throw them into a media scandal, the ingredients get amplified and the taste can often be more bitter than sweet, more brutal than comforting.

That’s certainly been true for LeAnn Rimes, whose personal life revolving around her now ex-husband hit every gossip rag over an affair with a married man, actor Eddie Cibrian.

However, when fuel turns to fire, what do you do with it? If you’re a talented artist, you turn it into something mesmerizing and real, and that’s exactly what LeAnn has done. On her new stunning track What Have I Done, LeAnn is as vulnerable and broken open as a thousand tiny shards of glass.

This song is truly the apologetic post-breakup letter to an ex we’ve never heard before. It’s exquisite, beautiful, haunting. And so damn real…

This is one of the best country records I have heard in years.

I love it so much!

Thank you, LeAnn… For such an incredible, HONEST song. I knew upon first listen, that this song was truly from the gut.

Listen to an intimate, acoustic performance of the track below.

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