By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Here’s my wisdom to impart for the day: Hot Water Music is boiling over with talent.

We all know how picky I can be about punk (and all its sub-genres). I gotta have it tight as cuffs or bloody as open heart surgery. Hot Water Music has got all that covered and they don’t put on airs about it. Their rhythm section is sublime, their guitars fully impacted.

And they prove that when it comes to vocalists, two is better than one. Having two “lead” singers adds a new dynamic and maturity to the music, one that’s clearly evident when you tune in.

Their latest release of awesome (unleashed earlier this year) drips of fresh venom whilst owning the dusty grunge of post-punk revival. Exister features thirteen tracks, all of which I’ve had on repeat. It’s usually easy for me to snatch and grab a song to label my fave, but I’m having trouble doing so. Each song stands fine on its own, but it’s the culmination of their joint power that really bubbles my sores.

HWM has had their ups and downs. There’s been almost break-ups and all out disbanding, and just before this album they had an eight year hiatus on the music front. If I may say so, I don’t give a bleep. Through all of that, their quality has persevered. This latest heart-punch proves it.

Punk may be dead, but guys like these sure keep the corpse kickin’.

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