By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Not So Lucky is a munchable chocolate Pop Tart. These boys were brought together by rivalry, respect, and an undying passion for music. They reek of pop-punk with the same uppity appeal as Fall Out Boy, All Time Low or Boys Like Girls.

Each boy has his own unique love-affair with musical vibrations, but it is these differences that bring such a solid sound together.

They’re perfect for late summer nights, for grads, proms, or sneaking out with friends. Such a circumference of life is one I no longer belong to, but there will always be kids looking to have fun. I like knowing there will always be bands ready to help new generations make new memories.

This music is a litter of puppies cuddling my auditory canal. It’s shockingly genteel but still bubbling over with energy. A great way to grab the tail-end of summer.

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