By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

ROB BRAYL: The new single ‘Major’ is instant crack. Totally infectious and addictive. I’m sure creating jams that get into a listener’s headspace must be a fun process?

LARS of ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR: It is. It’s what we do best and it keeps us inspired to make new music all the time.

RB: I know this question is overplayed, but I’m really interested in inspirations and influences.

AGT: 70s funk, 90s hip-hop, alternative dance, soul, rock’n’roll, psychedelic sounds and outer space! Names that comes to mind are: early Beck, Primal Scream, Beastie Boys, Curtis Mayfield, Blaxploitation soundtracks, Duke Ellington…

RB: Last album purchased.

AGT: Jay-Z & Kanye West: ‘Watch The Throne’

RB: The album ‘Out Of Frequency’ has been out a few months now. Can you give us the rundown?

AGT: It’s been six months of intensive touring, and so far it doesn’t look like it’s ever gonna end. Later this year we’ll do another round in the States. Before that we’ll be touring in France, Denmark, Brazil… Venues are packed no matter where we go, so I take that as a good sign of how the album goes.

RB: Any plans to hit our territory in NYC or the States?

AGT: Yes, as said above we’ll be hitting the US later this year. October it is. It will be a similar tour to the one we did in January/February this year, meaning we’ll hit both East and West Coast, plus we’ll be doing a good handful of the main cities between the coasts. We will also visit Canada! We love touring the States. Absolute favorite “territory”!

RB: If The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was an edible dish, what might our tastebuds experience?

AGT: Your tastebuds would be burned… Both Mette and I are mad chili lovers so it would be an extremely spicy dish for sure! We often give each other chili presents that we bought on vacations in Thailand or Mexico for example.

RB: Have you determined the next single from the upcoming release? Will a video be shot?

AGT: We thought of releasing the title track ‘Out Of Frequency’ as the next single. It shows a different side of The Asteroids and it’s a favorite in the live set. Don’t know about video yet.

RB: What’s the driving force that pushes you guys to make awesome music?

AGT: The idea of affecting peoples minds and moods (and feet!) is an addictive one, and it’s definitely a driving force here.

RB: Let’s end this with something random. Give us something good!

AGT: All The Dude ever wanted was his rug back…

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