By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Imma little boy crazy lately, so excuse my while I swoon… Ok, I’m good.

Pete Wentz is back, y’all. Yup! With his new band, Black Cards, an EDM project consisting of sick synth-electro-dubstep beats. Basically, it’s gooey pop yumminess. With Wentz holding down the bass/lyrics, and a helping hand from Spencer Peterson on drums, the group has just released an EP titled Use Your Disillusion.

The track you’re about to hear is End of Pretend, a dancefloor banger that feels kerosene soaked. That’s code for “It’s fire, people.”

Singer Matthew Koma completes the track’s package, tackling Wentz’s recognizable vocals with ease.

The EP is out today (July 17th)!

Listen to the fierce, slick beats below.

Black Cards’ End of Pretend, an obvious contender for song of the summer.

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