By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

MARIA CIEZAK: First and foremost, where does the name Roomrunner come from?

DENNY BOWEN of ROOMRUNNER: The name Roomrunner comes from the wasei Japanese word used for “treadmill.” It’s also a song by the Japanese band, P-MODEL, who are one of my favorites. I tend to find nearly all band names, including our own, extremely distasteful and generally bad.

MC: How long have you guys been a band? Give our readers a brief backstory.

RR: Since about 2 years ago? But some of the songs we play were written 3 years ago, and some early forms existed around then. We didn’t play in front of people until early last year. Then my old band, Double Dagger was breaking up, so I ended up being able to put a lot more time into this band. Worked on the record over the summer of last year and played out a shit-ton since. We’ve had a few changes since we’ve started out, but we’re good now.

MC: I love Baltimore; there are so many cool music venues to visit. What is the scene like out there in your opinion?

RR: Awesome, we enjoy it here, too.

A lot has been said about the wide range of flourishing creativity of the scene here so I won’t be too redundant. But in my opinion, it does seem that people here just are well tuned in to underground, DIY shit. People seem to know who’s on tour, who’s got a record out, who’s working on a record, etc. That kind of awareness is really awesome.

MC: For those people who are not familiar with Roomrunner, how would you describe your music?

RR: Definitely not barbecue sauce.

MC: Who writes most of the songs?

RR: I do. Usually while eating meals.

MC: I can’t help but say that your sound reminds me of some of the work on Foo Fighter’s ‘Wasting Light’ – that garage-recording sound. It’s super dope!

RR: Thanks! Funny, I was listening to that record after it came out, which was the same time as when me and Dan were working on recording the EP. We recorded it in Dan’s studio in a warehouse space in Baltimore. I was still living in the other side of the same warehouse at the time, so I’d come over a few times a week. We’d hang out and work on shit. At first, it was supposed to only be drum tracks for a demo, but then we ended up doing the whole thing. It was really laid back; we just fell into the final product quickly with Dan’s expertise, and went with it. However, I enjoy the fact that the “garage studio” the Foo Fighters recorded in will be exponentially superior to any studio I have or ever will record in during my lifetime.

MC: What is the coolest venue you have ever played?

RR: In Roomrunner? We played a house out in Harford County, MD as the first date on our tour earlier this year. It unfortunately ending up being the last one ever at this house, but it was ass wild. It was a perfect way to start a tour, everyone was super into it. I’ve played some wild places in other bands, but I don’t feel that information is relevant here. Basically, I’m saying we need to play more interesting places.

MC: Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

RR: Longmont Potion Castle, U.S. Maple, Nirvana, Drive Like Jehu, Karp, Polvo, Cherubs, Chavez… ask me on a different day and everything will be different, but those are pretty direct. Except Longmont, that’s ultimately a lifestyle influence.

MC: What’s the ultimate goal for Roomrunner? To dominate each city at a time, or straight aiming for global domination?

RR: Yes, yes, and beyond. Picking up where NASA left off. Lunar touring, Kepler-22b, attaching a U-Haul trailer to a comet, we’re open to all these things.

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