By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Face The King is vicious in subtlety. It’s been a long time since such a pure-blooded genre like arena rock got such a spruce-up. This ensemble is the perfect antidote for those sick of the ironic hipster bands dominating so many scenes (I’m not hating here- we all know I love me some indie rock, too).

These guys are lightning bolts in sound and stage. They make me want to steal someone’s lighter and do the classic, flammable wave (long before cell phones were the cool thing). They themselves are a trigger of heat, one that is slow-going and takes its time to warm your insides. At the same time, there’s a lot of serious longing in their music.

They’ve mastered the break and made it their own without being formulaic. While they give you chills they also give you time to self-reflect. Parachutes, for example, made me feel utterly alone but entirely understood. Many of their other songs like Due North and The Burning And the Falling Down (vid below) also have a haunting influence. Conjoined by their musical material, the band melds to become one kick of honest, devastating emotion.

Not to say they can’t rock with the best of them. The percussion is a super-glue assuring that the other instrumentals stay in place, while Eric’s luscious vocals are well-backed up by bass and guitar.

I could compare them to insert-radio-bound-rock-group-here, but songs like Armed To the Teeth make it impossible to reduce them to cliches. When a band gets stuck in your skin, they transcend and become an experience.

We all know I’m a music junkie. These guys have reaffirmed my addiction.

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