By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

I am continuously on a manhunt for musicians that are going to dent the scene and leave some sort of permanent imprint. Sometimes I find some that are middling, or buzzworthy, but then tend to fall off. My latest discovery is a chick named Jesse Thomas. What can I say about her without really knowing her yet? Well, her voice is exclusive as hell, her lyrics will really hit you, and she seems like she would be an astounding live act. Jesse’s melody and phrase are some sort of unearthly gift. Her album, War Dancer, was just released on February 14th through Red Parade Music, and can for sure be considered an Indie Spotlight for 2012.

Upon stumbling onto her music, I instantaneously started watching some of her YouTube videos, and was flat out hooked. It’s been two years since Jesse released her debut EP, Haze (which I also purchased prior to the new release), and she unquestionably has grown as an artist. Upon first glance, this is a SOLID first full-length. It’s beautifully produced to showcase the expressive complexity yet authentic simplicity of Jesse’s writing. I can absolutely recommend some tracks, like Fire and Song For You. Why? Because they are so personal it almost seems as if she is sitting in a chair next to your bed, singing only to you. Up next, some faster tracks like Back to Fighting and Already Mine, songs that will make you want to get out of that bed and bust a move.

Do yourself a favor and check out some REAL music.

Jesse Thomas: A massive musical fireball in a miniature bundle, who is bound to bust out of the packaging.

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