By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Something sweet post-Valentine’s Day.

Electric Guest: down-to-earth and oh so indie. The kind of indie that makes them host free shows and become very nearly unreachable to the mainstream. (AKA the kind of indie I love.)

I couldn’t properly describe their music, and within such elusiveness they find most of their charm. You could dance to them or play Scrabble with their sound as your serenade. When you’re listening to Electric Guest, there are no rules.

One of their most popular tracks American DayDream is speed in slow-motion. Personally, I find better groove in a more recent compilation: This Head I Hold.

“Get high,” sings their lead man. Yet I don’t need to when I’m listening to their music.

When I saw one of their upcoming shows was in Paris, I had a mini daydream of venturing off to party with the Parisians. For now, I’ll have to succumb to their beat via stereo. But hey, if you’re in the mood to run away, I’d suggest La Boule Noire on March 1st to be your preliminary stop.

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