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By: Rob Brayl
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Guitar, people! Guitar.

Last week, passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight were given an extra scrumptious treat (damn them!) when singer/songwriter/uber-cutie, Mat Kearney, busted out an impromptu performance mid-air. Apparently this has been on Mat’s bucket list for quite some time.

Says Mat: “I’ve always actually wanted to pick up my guitar in the middle of a flight and just walk down the aisle and play songs, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually gotten the chance to do it.”

Here’s the proof!


By: Maria Ciezak
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BTB favorites, The Black Keys, have dropped their amazing lead single and even more amazing lead video for Lonely Boy, off of their upcoming El Camino release. For those who no hablo espanol, that would translate to “The Road”. The album is due out in stores on December 6th.

Simply put, I adore this track. It’s tremendously catchy, but also nonchalantly harmonious and misleadingly compound.

Check it.


By: Rob Brayl
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Sorry, guys. Excuse me while I get a little ADHD…

This made me laugh so I thought it might do the same for you!

Oh! And BTW, WTH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The second video just felt random and appropriate. Duh.


By: Maria Ciezak
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One of my favorite alternative rock duos, The Kills, are back with a smashing new single entitled Baby Says. This is by far one of the strongest tracks off of their fourth album release, Blood Pressures. Not to focus on the whole album, but it is indeed a fine work in a progressive discography.

There is just something about The Kills’ Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart that gets my heart pounding. In order for a two piece band to work, there has to be a certain magic between the two performers and these two certainly get a passing mark.

Check out this rare acoustic performance of Baby Says below.


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So this past weekend I saw Footloose. Yeah yeah, judge me all you want, you pretentious boneheads. For the record, I actually liked it! I thought it was a cute movie. That’s saying something considering the fact that I went into the show very skeptical. Anywhoosie, during the film I was captivated by the remake of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A Hero. Except unlike the original fast-paced dance version of the song that appeared in the original film, this version was stripped down beautifully in an acoustic manner that felt painfully heartfelt.

Upon further research (AKA when the movie ended I googled that shit), I discovered this version was performed by South Carolina country singer-songwriter and rising star Ella Mae Bowen. But wait, there’s more. The shocker was finding out that she’s only 15! Yup. Crazy!

The good news for Ella (and for us new fans) is that she’s signed to Taylor Swift’s record label (Big Machine). So hopefully that means they throw some dough in her direction with regards to production and promotion and we hear much more music from her soon.

Her voice is incredible!

Find out for yourself…


By: Rob Brayl
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ROB BRAYL: ‘True Colors’ is certainly one of the biggest anthems of the gay community. Are there any songs from your own collection or other artists that you consider to be your personal anthem?

CYNDI LAUPER: I have quite a few with my own catalog. To choose one is going to be tough. Changes from time to time. Anything from Joni Mitchell.

RB: It’s wonderful to see any artist, but specifically artists of your level really reaching out to their gay fan base and working on strengthening the community. How has working on projects like the Give A Damn Campaign, and opening the True Colors homeless shelter for LGBT youth affected you personally?

CL: I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to raise awareness about equality and issues impacting the community that do not get enough attention, especially homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth. To be able to do that through the Give a Damn Campaign and the True Colors Residence, which is actually permanent housing, not a shelter, means a great deal to me.

RB: Your video on YouTube speaking on bullying and on the flood of suicides with regards to gay teens was really touching. How have you handled those in the past who may have been punks in the way that they treated you?

CL: I think it is important to say that while the media has been focusing on the recent suicides of these young men as a result of anti-gay bullying, this has been an epidemic that has been growing and in dire need of attention for far too long. I do know what it is like to be viewed as ‘different’ and I have owned that about myself and have been unapologetic about it. We all have to be who we are. It can be hard to do that though as life has ways of knockin’ ya down time and time again. I would urge all the young people reading this to contact the Trevor Project at 1-866-4-U-TREVOR or the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-RUNAWAY if you are having a hard time and need someone to talk to.

RB: Your most recent record, ‘Memphis Blues’, is a beautiful piece of work and showcases a different side of yourself. What can we expect from your next album? Working on any new material?

CL: I don’t have a “next” CD planned — I’m living and enjoying this one! I am filming a live DVD in Memphis. Basically it’s the show we’ve been doing on the road since ‘Memphis Blues’ came out. It will include songs from ‘Memphis Blues’, my hits and a few new songs.

RB: Crazy but I’ve got to ask, do you listen to any rap music?

CL: I have a 13 year old son, what do you think? I listen to A LOT of rap!

TONY CORTOPASSI: Having many acting roles in: Vibes, Off & Running, Life with Mikey, Here & There, Section B, as well as an Emmy award winning role in Mad About You as “Marianne Lugasso” — Is there a type of role you’d love to do next?

CL: Love to revamp my style and genre with everything I do. Of course I‘d love to try something different, new and challenging.

TC: Since you’ve already done Threepenny Opera…any role you’d like to do on Broadway?

CL: My next Broadway project is as composer. I am writing songs for the Broadway adaptation of the film Kinky Boots. Harvey Fierstein is writing the book and Jerry Mitchell is the director. It’s very exciting.

TC: We are all excited to read your autobiography. When is that slated to be released? Can you give us a teaser from the book?

Cyndi: I am writing an autobiography that will be released via Simon & Schuster. I am in the middle of writing right now so ask me this question again next time we chat.

TC: Can you elaborate a little on your new reality show and what we can expect?

CL: Yes. I did a deal with Mark Burnett Productions before I signed on to Celebrity Apprentice. Mark Burnett Productions is probably the most successful producers of reality tv so I am really happy to be in partnership with them. The folks there are smart and creative and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to do. I love the medium, so I’m excited about it. It is going to be mostly about me and my day to day, focusing on my career.

TC: If you could travel to any time in history, who would you love to meet?

CL: John Lennon.

Watch the incredible Cyndi in action, during a recent performance, below.

[Via One Way Mag]


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Whoever turned on Kelly Rowland’s naughty-but-still-classy-no-trash-here switch, THANK YOU!

And not to swag-brag (totally just made that up BTW), but I’ve been pushing this song since June, so about damn time the track gets a music video treatment. Just saying.

Regardless, I’m loving some Kelly right now…


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Spinning a tale of abuse, drugs, and self harm, Rihanna has released the music video for her new dancefloor smash We Found Love. The undoubtedly visual feast has caused quite a stir among the internet with regards to the clip’s darker content. Directed by Melina Matsoukas (Hard, S&M, Rude Boy), the explosive video shows the story of two young people fueled by their toxic passion for drugs and for each other. British model/boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy (who, let’s face it, looks obviously similar to Chris Brown) plays Rihanna’s lover in the clip.

This video is incredible on the artistic front, and perhaps her best work yet, but I find myself thinking that the latest additions to Rihanna’s music catalogue seem to spit out a message that’s a bit lost when it comes to genuine HEALTHY relationships.

I can’t be the only one? It’s a bit depressing…

Regardless, the song is pop gold and the video equates to one fierce vomiting streamers experience.

Watch the just-released clip below.


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Sunday Girl (AKA Jade Williams) has written for a whole host of impressive collaborators with tracks on albums by Martin Solveig, Rusko and Booka Shade. Her skills in the pop-writing department are currently in demand from the likes of Deadmau5 and none other than the very Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue. So needless to say, the material she creates for herself is just as stellar.

The new single, Love U More, takes Sunday Girl’s music into a more commercial arena, meshing heart with dance pop, creating an undeniable appeal. The track was recorded in Club Ralph in London with producer Mark Ralph (Ana Calvi, Hot Chip, The Two Bears).

Now signed with Polydor, Love U More marks a fresh start in the run up to Jade’s debut album, which is set to drop early in 2012.

Sunday Girl has also made a solid name for herself in the fashion world over the past year, which has invited the interest of Firetrap who approached her to design her own AW11 collection for the label. This exclusive range will be available from early October and is already being worn by a host of celebs including: Fearne Cotton and Rihanna.

Watch the super sweet and super chic video for Love U More below.


By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Nothing like some good alternative reggae rock to get your hands in the air and your hips in sway. Allow me to bring a divine five piece to your attention. Going by the name of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Moi, Sean, Mat, Pat, and Andre have been defined as the “leaders of the new school of rock”. Simply put, this isn’t just a nickname; it’s a replication of how these Hermosa boys carry themselves.

The Hermosa Beach, California natives have been together since the yester-years of 2004, with seeds including Moises Juarez (lead vocals), Sean Chapman (vocals/guitar), Matthew McEwan (vocals/guitar), Patrick Salmon (drums), and Andre Davis (bass). With albums Sacred For Sale and Early Prayers, all of their library contains that good, rootsy reggae tone. Not to mention, their live shows back up their recording abilities. They’ve opened for numerous genre traditionals like The Wailers, Steel Pulse, and companion hybridizers like Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. But this time around, being a bridesmaid is not acceptable for TBS; it is their big day.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds hold that deadly combination of rock and reggae, punk and blues, beats and riffs. I was introduced to them not to long ago, but feel as if we have met in another life, for their music is a distinct sidekick of mine, almost “besties” if you will.

These guys are currently planting their seeds around the country while on tour, increasing their reggae, metal, punk and hip hop roots to larger audiences at home and around the globe. Spread the love, and don’t wait ’til tomorrow to check out these bad seeds.


By: Rob Brayl
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The More You Know!

Girls, listen up. You can’t always add “sexy” to every Halloween costume and make it work. Example: What are you? Oh, I’m an aborted fetus. A SEXY aborted fetus! See. It ain’t always cute. Please take note and save yourself the embarrassment of looking unsexy.

Hope no one thinks my sense of humor is insensitive. Just trying to be a good samaritan and help a few ho-bags out! Please don’t bitchslap me. Thanks.

Speaking of ho-bags…


By: Maria Ciezak
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I’m going to see these guys Friday night, and after hearing this, I’m even more excited now than I was before. Gym Class Heroes’ second single, Life Goes On (feat. Oh Land), off their upcoming album The Papercut Chronicles II, makes me feel all heartfelt and tingly inside. Although I’m not a huge fan of Auto-Tune, these boys do it right, sticking to what they’re respectable at, making hits that make you move (hence the success of Stereo).

The Papercut Chronicles II is almost within reach, available on November 15 via Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen.

What do you think? Will this single be a smash?


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1. The below quote. I mean, hello. Even after massive fame and success, the boy’s still on planet earth. He needs to teach this to a few of his pop counterparts! *Cough* Lady Gagaroni *Cough*

2. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. This is obvious shit when you watch the recent interviews below with Heidi Klum! Speaking of loving someone. I love that hot little blonde twiglet!

3. His talent outweighs his shoes and makeup. I know it’s a close call, but I’m into science and statistics and stuff and it totally outweighs it! I used a scale, people. Do not question me!

4. The dude gives back, y’all.

And finally, if you agree with me, please retweet the heck outta this article. I mean, really annoy the crap out of your Facebook and Twitter friends by posting this article on a loop around the clock. I’m thinking every 30 minutes until Adam Lambert sees it for himself. Don’t act like it’s not possible, little elves!

For the record, I think the reasons listed above make Adam totally dope.

(Forgot to mention that I’m anxious to hear new material from Adam. Duh.)

“I feel like the [gay fans] that I meet are the ones that kind of feel weird. I pick up this kind of energy among young people that it might not be the coolest thing to say you like Adam Lambert’s music. People don’t think that I’m cool. So I love that I have the kids who are like ballsy enough to be like, ‘Fuck it, I like Adam’s music.’ I mean, I am kind of a nerd. I feel like there’s a collective eye-roll when it comes to me, in the media and just in general consciousness — with the exception of my amazing Glamberts, my hard-core fans who are the opposite.”

–Adam Lambert
[Via the new issue of Advocate]


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My favorite track from the new Lights album.

This song’s perfection wrapped in pretty poetics.

‘Nuff said!


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JoJo has been looking fly as all get out lately and recently took her fashion game to a new level. Stopping by HeartSOUL headquarters, the soulful pop songbird embarked on a private tour before a photoshoot and interview. In the below clip JoJo dishes on fashion but most importantly, she speaks a bit on her much anticipated album, Jumping Trains. (Which, let’s face it, is all us JoJo fans really care about.)

“My new album ‘Jumping Trains’ has definitely been a labor of love. It’s been my heart and soul, not to be really corny but I really put everything into this and it’s really a reflection of my truth and the things that I talk to my girlfriends about. It’s a good time.”

Watch the clip below.

Oh! And listen to JoJo’s new single, Disaster, in full HERE.