By: Rob Brayl
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Robyn’s highly infectious first single from the Body Talk series, Dancing On My Own, captured listeners with its punch-to-the-face beats fused with the emotional attachment of being in love with someone who could care less about said feelings. The video, as with all of Robyn’s collection, was a visual treat, taking the song to a fresh place mentally. The same can be said in the simple documentary stylized video for Hang with Me, the lead single off Body Talk Pt. 2 — a sweet and vulnerable record, even if it is possibly, most likely about a friends with benefits type of relationship.

What I love the most about Robyn is how her music — even the most electronic, dancefloor declarations that make you want to shake your ass and stomp your feet — shows complete intelligence and thought and often a vulnerable yearning-for-love heart.

Recently, Robyn performed Dancing On My Own at The Warfield in San Francisco and discussed how fans in the US have been reacting to the track. The Swedish pop star goes on to share her favorite subject (“sad love”) and talks about how it has weaved itself into her music. She goes on stating: “Dancing On My Own is definitely a four on the floor beat, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down in the states, but people are really connecting to it and when we play it live, it’s the one song people really go crazy on.”

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