By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

True artists do not believe in boundaries of any kind. They laugh order in the face and want nothing but to leave you scratching your head or screaming obscenities. They find beauty in places and noises no one else would consider. Negativland encompasses every aspect of a true artist. (Including the insanity.)

They’re a sound collage band, meaning they’re all about cutting and pasting regular sounds and making them into something resembling music.

When we listened to them on the radio, my better half pointed out that they aren’t so much music as a message. And it’s true! They’re all about spreading a message. Their music is just the method of deliverance. It’s almost secondary to the actual thoughts that solidify within. They spill and sully, push and grind, and have been teasing our stratosphere since the eighties. Isn’t it amazing when a band has been around for that long, yet they’re not even close to being a household name? The game of Russian Roulette that the music industry plays will never fail to confuse me. Some people sweat blood for years without making headline news, and others are blessed with success after their first single. Negativland strays somewhere between these two. But I don’t think it matters to them. When U2 went all lawsuit on their ass, their reaction was one of indifference and defiance. I really like that about them.

No, they haven’t released an album for a few years, but to me, their old stuff remains fresh. With any song of theirs will no doubt come a scandal, and I’m all sorts of ready to get shaken up.

Now, be forewarned. You’re about to stumble right through the looking glass. And if you leave the music on long enough, there may be no turning back.

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