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“Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea.”
–Charo, To OutQ Radio via SiriusXM Studio, NYC

And to make this post even more ridiculous, check out Charo’s recent appearance on the Wendy Williams show below. Charo, you light up my life!


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Besides the fact that he uses the word “faggot”, this is pretty decent.

I mean, it doesn’t make you more macho to use that word, Dre. That’s so ten years ago, homefry. Actually it just makes you seem douchey Mcdoucheface. Eh, who am I kidding? I kinda like the word. Honestly, it packs a punch. Yeah, I know…I got issues. Lol. (No, in all seriousness though — I am so over rappers using this word!)

PS: I would never want to offend Dre, that man is huge. Beastly huge!

Ok, I’m shutting up now. Watch the Allan Hughes-directed vid below.


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If you’re educated in rock n’ roll, then you know Linda Perry as the rambunctious vocalist/guitarist in 4 Non Blondes. Otherwise, you probably know her as the fierce force behind Christina Aguilera’s massive self-love anthem, Beautiful. Aguilera’s in good company as Perry has also written massive songs for P!nk and Courtney Love.

All this divine musical meshing has led us to today, where Linda Perry stands firmly planted in a brand new project, Deep Dark Robot. Joined by Tony Tornay, the duo will release their debut album 8 Songs About A Girl on March 22, 2011.

Listen to lead single, I’m Coming For You, below.

I’m Coming For You by Deep Dark Robot


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Patrick Stump, former frontman of Fall Out Boy, has released a solo EP (out now). Stump’s got what I like to call a Michael Jackson voice, in that it’s so damn distinct, making sounds from his mouth sound like beats, hitting each note to death. Truant Wave is an interesting collection of songs, that in my opinion are mediocre, but still showcase his talent. (These cuts did not make Soul Punk, his first solo release due out this summer).

I feel Stump has an inner genius when it comes to music, and I’m very excited to hear what is in store. For now this EP will be spun around, and you can check out track Stoplight (below). This is something innovative and inimitable, showcasing Stump’s display of musicianship.

He’s out to show the world what he’s got, and sugar, he’s goin’ down swingin’.


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To be honest, this is exactly the way I was hoping Lady Gaga would perform this song: solely with fingers tickling ivories and a microphone (hold the bacon, incubating eggs, and protruding cosmetic horns).

I think Maria Aragon’s version is way more moving and all she requires is a keyboard and a mic.

Take note, Gaga…

Less is sometimes/almost always more.


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Rihanna, yo boobies are hanging out!!!

When I first watched Kanye’s just-release vid for All Of The Lights, I was slightly confused. I also thought I might have a seizure. But that’s besides the point. Basically, I was a little lost with regards to the black and white portion of the video at the beginning with the little girl and had no clue what the dealy-o was. But thanks to a little research I now know the inspiration behind the clip and it’s more than just flashing lights.

According to NY Daily News: Hype Williams directed the five-minute strobe lit video that pays homage to French director Gaspar Noe’s drug-fuelled psychedelic melodrama “Enter the Void,” in which West sings about a father who abuses his daughter’s mother and ends up in the slammer.

Rihanna also recently performed the track during the NBA All-Star game half time show, live at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

Watch the official music vid + the above-mentioned live performance below.

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MARIA CIEZAK: Thank you guys for taking the time to interview for BiggerThanBeyonce.Com. Let’s start off by introducing yourselves, ready set go!

FUTURE PEOPLE: What up what up! Internet!

We’re Future People! I’m Christopher & I’m on this super tite pizza kick right now!

MC: How did the name Future People come about? I read that Chris and Dan were the original two, and Larry you joined later on. 

FP: A friend from my hometown uses the term “future people” as a method of procrastination. Like for instance:

Me: “Hey Scott, we just got a parking ticket. Shouldn’t we pay it?”
Scott: “Nah man, let the future people worry about that shit.”

So that’s pretty much it, future people handle the biz you dont necessarily want to deal with. I found myself using the term often, it naturally just became the name for this project. I think we were calling it BANX for a while. Which I also dig. We should name our record “Hilary Banx”… Amazing.

MC: How did you all collide?

FP: So I started writing a few years back when I was living in San Francisco, recorded a record in my bedroom (which I never released), came home for Christmas or thanksgiving, asked Dan (whom I’ve known since high school) and a few other awesome dudes to play these songs with me. D and I decided we wanted to make some more music together…

I had been working on music with my friend Naeem (spankrock) in Philly a bunch, spending a lot of time in Philly… So D and I rented a giant house in West Philly to live and write in. Spent 8 months working on this project in that house.

From Philly we moved back to Maryland to work more for a few months. Larry just started showing up at our practice space. One day I walked in and was like, where did this bass amp come from? D was like, it’s Larry’s, I think he’s in our band now. I was like, word. I can’t get enough of that little genius. He’s the funniest person on earth to me.

MC: What is the music scene like growing up in Annapolis? 

FP: Annapolis is fucking great! Almost unbelieva-real, if you will. Small town with tons of cute babes & sailboats! I just spent three months there hanging out with my friends and family before moving back to the west coast to work & finish this FP record. I was staying downtown in an awesome old house and could walk to my friend’s bar two blocks away and DJ whenever I wanted, I miss it already.

MC: Anyone who is a fan of music can see that it is really changing. What acts influence Future People’s style?

FP: The Batman Forever soundtrack, all fucking day long!

As I’m writing this I’m in the sand in Malibu. My car got towed, so I’ve been sleeping on the beach. I just saw the craziest thing. Batman is out practicing for the big surf competition coming up this weekend…he’s working on this new trick where he jumps off the board and swims underwater, pretty deep down. The board goes straight up in air, it’s pretty sick. Batman comes back up with a dolphin and they both land on the board. Yo, batman jumps off the board and the dolphin surfs back to shore. Batman’s new Bat wet suit is made by Vuarnet, Body Glove, and Under Armour. They all got together to work on it. (My roommate Jordan wrote this, I think it’s awesome.)

We both really love the last Bath’s record. We did a show with Das Racist in Baltimore a few weeks ago, they are super awesome. I’ve been listening to a track called “A Brush Through The Dust” by Silk Flowers a ton lately, love that song. Epic Ruins are the shit, they’re an awesome super group from Ft Worth, TX & LA. My Friend D.A.V.O has put together a new project in San Francisco called “Double Duchess” and I’m going to be mixing a few tracks off DD’s upcoming release. There are a ton of awesome bands that I’ve been listening to. I should make you a mix.

MC: If you had to classify yourselves into one genre, what would it be? I feel the presence of electronica, rock and roll, and even a little dance flare. Would you agree?

FP: I do agree! We listen to everything, I was in Brazil last week and I’ve been super interested in music from that region of the world lately. D is trained in jazz but he shreds on anything, he’s also really great at sleeping-in and Skype. I really have a hard time classifying our music, but if i had to I’d call it “WIZARDVIZION”.

MC: What are the long term goals of Future People?

FP: We hope to own Sunglasses Hut kiosks in both Encino and Reseda by 2012. But other than that we’re working with more and more peeps we respect in the studio. We also have film score work coming up etc. Just trying to stay as busy as possible in ’11.

MC: Now boys, tell BiggerThanBeyonce readers where they can gain access to your music and catch one of your live shows!

FP: We just started a Facebook page. We have Tumblr and Soundcloud pages as well (see links below). We are going to be posting our demos and songs that won’t be on our record for download over the next few weeks while we finish our record. Can’t wait to get nice on the Internet, Internet!

MC: Thanks for doing this guys, I can’t wait to watch you blow up!

FP: Thank you so much. 

To learn more about Future People try any of the following links:




Naturally by Future People



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For an exclusive free download from (the Grammy and Brit award winning) Cee Lo Green, please enter your email address below. The song you’ll receive is a version of ‘Fool For You’ which isn’t available on Cee Lo’s album and features Melanie Fiona! Word.


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True artists do not believe in boundaries of any kind. They laugh order in the face and want nothing but to leave you scratching your head or screaming obscenities. They find beauty in places and noises no one else would consider. Negativland encompasses every aspect of a true artist. (Including the insanity.)

They’re a sound collage band, meaning they’re all about cutting and pasting regular sounds and making them into something resembling music.

When we listened to them on the radio, my better half pointed out that they aren’t so much music as a message. And it’s true! They’re all about spreading a message. Their music is just the method of deliverance. It’s almost secondary to the actual thoughts that solidify within. They spill and sully, push and grind, and have been teasing our stratosphere since the eighties. Isn’t it amazing when a band has been around for that long, yet they’re not even close to being a household name? The game of Russian Roulette that the music industry plays will never fail to confuse me. Some people sweat blood for years without making headline news, and others are blessed with success after their first single. Negativland strays somewhere between these two. But I don’t think it matters to them. When U2 went all lawsuit on their ass, their reaction was one of indifference and defiance. I really like that about them.

No, they haven’t released an album for a few years, but to me, their old stuff remains fresh. With any song of theirs will no doubt come a scandal, and I’m all sorts of ready to get shaken up.

Now, be forewarned. You’re about to stumble right through the looking glass. And if you leave the music on long enough, there may be no turning back.


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Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing Joshua Radin (with opening acts Justin Nozuka & Andrew Allen), live in concert via the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square…

The general consensus is that Joshua Radin is a cutie pie, an A+ type of man dipped in whip cream and covered in rainbow sprinkles. Because honestly, let’s face facts: the guy’s sweet. Yet after seeing him perform live, I think that statement is only partially true. Missing from that statement is the fact that Radin’s substance isn’t sugar coated or sugar based at all. It’s apparent when Radin takes the stage and tells his often quirky stories of past ex-girlfriends and awkward moments in baby making, that Radin is a man whose heart has been shattered and put back together time and time again with a guitar pick and a microphone.

The man comes across absolutely genuine and real on stage and that aura of energy is one of the reasons he is so beloved. The minute he starts to strum, the audience is mesmerized and captivated by his marshmallow voice — his lyrics and emotion as comfortable as peanut butter and jelly — yet as beautiful and exotic as white sand.

Ok, I’m gonna take a moment to step away from the writer mentality and quickly say that my favorite moment of the whole damn show was when Radin — who works with the amazing organization Little Kids Rock — brought three kids on stage from a public school in the Bronx (which he had visited earlier as a part of the organization’s mission to save music programs in public schools), and had the three students play along with him as he performed Brand New Day, all three of the girls strumming along on their acoustic guitars. The audience went wild — not only for the heart that seems to bleed from this artist — but for the utterly normal, giving, non-egotistical being that he comes off as being.

Radin’s low-fi sound is one that shouldn’t be missed live.

Opening acts Justin Nozuka and Andrew Allen were also incredible. I have seen Nozuka in concert before and he always delivers and packs a punch. One exciting note on Nozuka’s behalf is that he mentioned his plan to record with India Arie. Something I definitely look forward to hearing in the future.

Canadian singer/songwriter Andrew Allen comes off as quirky on stage, wrapped in a package that is full of a marketability factor that should ultimately be used as an advantage for him as he tries to make a splash in the States.


The end.


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Now this is how you make a pop video. Just sayin’!

Britney is back y’all. Seriously, she’s back and she’s throwin’ down with some neon DayGlo paint, sleek dance moves, & a skyscraper gown. The super funky vid for Britney’s smash, Hold It Against Me, was directed by acclaimed videographer Jonas Akerlund — mostly recognized for his work with the queen of pop, Madonna.

Let’s keep it sweet and to the point: Britney, we’ve missed you, sugar britches.

[Sidenote: My only beef with this video is the Plenty of Fish crap. Why oh why is that website popping up in several music videos?! It’s so weird.]

Watch the premiere of Hold It Against Me below.


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“I’m not bigger than Beyonce. I love Beyonce!”
–Joshua Radin

*Backstage after last night’s concert, after I introduced myself & the site. He then laughed & did a little booty shake.

*FYI: We love Beyonce too. If you follow the site, then you already know this.

[Full review of the live show (which was held via the Best Buy Theater in Times Square), here!]


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At least once a day I quest to find a band that will grab my attention, and keep it. What is original? What is fresh? Does everything sound the same? Maybe in the mainstream format, but when I tear open the indie stash, I always seem to find something I want to re-order. Thanks to a little birdie who said “Dude, you gotta check out this group,” I now can call myself a fan of a Brooklyn based four-piece called Bear Hands.

Dylan Rou (guitar, vocals), Ted Feldman (guitar), Val Loper (bass), and TJ Orscher (drums), are the textbook mishmash for triumph. Their album Burning Bush Supper Club, is, in a nutshell, an eleven-track psychotropic-funk giant, which took about one week to fully affect my mind, mood, and any other mental process I encounter each day. As a whole, the sound on this record is ambient, cheerful, and in your face.

Bear Hands have given me more faith in the music of this generation. Tracks such as What a Drag and High Society are similar to the game of Plinko in the way they hit your ears — knocking every peg of upbeat, catchy as hell rock and pop, with ridiculous vocal effects. Can’t Stick Em and Crime Pays will get you off your feet, wondering where to run to tell others about this group. They’re a tad bit folky and a jiff bit funky. Some might say they’re quite hard to place or grasp a handle on, which is conceivably one of the reasons why they may tend to get compared to their Brooklyn peers (particularly MGMT and VW), with whom they have toured. Hey, why beat ’em if you can join ’em?

If you’re looking for a band that is a gratified median between electronica and indie rock, one to create a idiosyncratic and pleasing addition to your library, Bear Hands is the band for you. They will claw your ass to musical death with their “god damn long nails.” Bear Hands must be on your bands to watch list.


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Bon Qui Qui voice: Ruuude!

After winning the Grammy for Best New Artist this past Sunday, jazz singer/songwriter Esperanza Spalding was targeted by Justin Bieber’s wackadoodle fans, otherwise known as Beliebers (via her Wikipedia page). One noticeable change was Spalding’s middle name which had been switched to say “Quesadilla” — now, I am not one to condone such tweeny bop behavior but that literally made me laugh out loud when the attack first caught my attention. However, some of the other taunts were no laughing matter (but what else is new, this is the Beliebers we’re talking about here), as one user added the following statement to the Wiki page: “Justin Bieber deserved it go die in a hole. Who the heck are you anyway?”

Honestly, I’m impressed. I mean, how does one know how to hack yet fail at life when it comes to simple grammar? That’s a first!

Another notable change that was added after the site’s mention of the Grammy win, included: “Even though no one has ever heard of her! Yay!” Also, at the end of her biography, one user wrote, “Bieber 4 Lyfe.”

Unlike his psycho fans, I mean hackers, Bieber congratulated Spalding on the win backstage at the Grammy showdown and the bit was captured via MTV News.

Even though the win was a shocker for many viewers, it appears that it couldn’t have been a more bigger surprise to anyone over Spalding who told MTV backstage at the show: “I was one of those [surprised] people. It was so unexpected, that’s the truth. I’m grateful to all my people in my big musical family that have given me so much support and help over the years. I don’t really think this is for me; it’s for all of us. And I wish they could all be here to put one finger on this with me.”

Spalding is a classically trained musician who deserved the award! So go away with the hatemail, Biebheads!

(Although I will say, I wanted my boo Drake to win. I know I said this already, but felt like saying it again. Sue me!)

A quickie introduction to Spalding below.


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Someone’s excited…

Don’t worry, woman. That’s how I looked when I saw Katy Perry in concert a few months back! So I’m right there with ya. Besides, at least we know someone’s living in the moment and isn’t a Debbie Downer (*cough* John Mayer *cough*).