By: Maria Ciezak
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Answering for We the Kings is frontman Travis Clark. Check it out!

MARIA CIEZAK: 2010 was a huge year for the group with the success of Smile Kid and the single We’ll Be A Dream with Demi Lovato. What is in store for the Kings in 2011?

TRAVIS CLARK: We are going to have a bigger and better year than 2010! We’ll be releasing a brand new album, more videos, more touring, more singles, and more WTK love.

MC: You guys do a lot of contest interaction with your fans, which is brilliant in my eyes. One to mention is the “We’ll Be A Dream” contest, where someone will win a chance to sing on stage with the band and a VIP concert experience! How did this idea come about?

TC: I wanted to have someone sing with me on stage and figured I would make a contest out of it for fans to audition to sing. It seemed like a great idea to get people involved plus give them the chance to share the stage with us! If one of my favorite bands did this when I was growing up, I would have been stoked!

MC: I see the Pringles Extreme Campus Tour has kicked off. How is the tour going so far, and how does the college audience differ from normal shows?

TC: The college crowd is great! It’s playing for people our age so it’s easy to talk about life stuff on stage. I feel like people understand more what I’m saying when I ramble for minutes at a time in-between songs. [Laughs]

MC: When the tour is all said and done, whatʼs next? Back to the studio?

TC: I will be flying to New York City to finish writing our 3rd record. It’s a very exciting time for us. It’s kind of like the calm before the storm; you write the record, then life takes you on a crazy roller coaster ride.

MC: A little birdie once told me that a 3rd album defines you as a band. Anything new in store on the next release?

TC: I don’t know if the 3rd album makes the band or not. I just know that we are going to do what we’ve always done and write music that we love and that hopefully our fans will love too. It also makes me think that since we are doing our 3rd record…what will it be like when we are doing our 10th record?

MC: Now I know you all have been friends since elementary school, and kudos for staying tight. Now would you say your musicianship feeds off of your friendship, or vice versa?

TC: I would say both. When we are on stage you can tell that we are best friends playing music that we love…when we are hanging out off stage, it’s vice versa, we’re writing songs about being best friends. [Laughs] It all comes full circle.

MC: What was the music scene like in Bradenton, Florida? Was there any at all?

TC: Our town had a really great music scene, a lot of local bands trying to do the same thing that we were trying to do. The fans in Florida are incredible too, they’re very loyal and have great taste in music.

MC: Which artist that you have toured or played with has influenced you the most?

TC: I think the most influential artists have been the ones that we play with for radio shows. We get to share the stage with anyone from Lady Gaga to Paramore to Gavin DeGraw to Montell Jordan. These are bands and artists that we look up to, so it’s cool to see how they do things and talk with them back stage and get advice on how we can be a better band.

MC: Now, I am part of the We the Kings mailing list, and Iʼve also seen King’s Carriage on YouTube, which is an awesome outlook to communicate with your fans. How much involvement do you all actually have in the Facebook and Myspace circuit for the band, or does someone handle that for you all?

TC: We’ve always demanded that we run our sites. I think it’s strange to have someone else sitting at a computer telling people about your life through your websites. Plus, that’s how we started communicating with our fans in the beginning so it’s only fair to them that we keep that part consistent.

MC: You guys have been nominated for an MTV VMA, and won an award at the Top in Rock Awards, and recently Teen Choice. How important is this to guys as a band?

TC: It’s more awesome than important I would say. It just shows how active and supportive our fans are. I’ve always said that our fans are kind of like a gang to us where we will always have their back and they will always have ours!

MC: What do you think it is about your band and about you guys specifically that has allowed you to become so successful?

TC: This is always the hardest question in interviews because there is no one true answer. It has been a couple things. 1st we have been friends since I can remember and that alone has helped us stay together as a band and continue doing this for the right reasons. Secondly, we write music that our fans enjoy and don’t write songs just to please the label or management, which is probably why the label/management like us in first place. Thirdly and most importantly our fans are so dedicated and I think we have the same view on music which is why they are able to relate to us and our music on so many levels. Music is an escape from real life where you can go and listen to songs that speak to you one on one for however long you like.

MC: Name 5 Things We the Kings cannot live without. Go!


1- Gushers. (yes, the fruit candy.)
2- Music.
3- Girls.
4- Cell Phones.
5- Fresh Socks.

MC: What can you tell BiggerThanBeyonce readers who have never seen or heard of We the Kings that will convince them to check yes and change that immediately?

TC: I would say it’s important to give music a chance. Our fans who know about us gave us a chance and for some it has changed their lives in a positive way. Give us a chance and if you love it, I’ll see you at a show. If you hate it, you can come throw tomatoes at our tour bus. [Laughs] Either way, I love all of you guys!

The feeling is mutual!


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