By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

[Photography by Gray Hamner]

Speaking exclusively to BiggerThanBeyonce.Com, 2AM Club, who’s currently on tour with Mike Posner, took some time away from the wild stage to dish on everything from sex references to Taylor Swift, and the buzz behind their fresh debut.

ROB BRAYL: I know the name [2AM Club] was taken from the popular bar in Mill Valley. What’s the story there?

MARC GRIFFIN of 2AM CLUB: Matt and I both grew up in Mill Valley. While we were recording with Jerry Harrison in Sausalito, the 2AM CLUB became our watering hole. My girlfriend at the time thought it was an appropriate name given all the time we spent there.

RB: I must say that your debut album might be the most infectious record of the year. Seriously! Was that a part of the intent? To make a catchy record?

MG: We always want our records to be memorable. It’s not being catchy for the sake of being catchy, it’s just writing and singing things that stick with you. Most of my melodies were just little lines that wouldn’t get out of my head, I just hear things and then try to implement them into the music the guys make.

RB: How has touring with Mike Posner been? I imagine it has been a wild ride?

MG: It is wild, there are few breaks and amazing crowds. I think Mike is so awesome because the way he reciprocates the love his fans have for him. I’ve never been around an artist who appreciates his fans more then he does. It makes you want to work harder and go that extra mile for the crowd. This is not the arms folded attentive foot tapping show, this is the scream at the top of your lungs and start making out with the person standing next to you one. I dig it.

RB: Sex references can be found in your music but overall, the urge for real connection and love seems to linger beneath the surface. There’s poetry everywhere. The track ‘Flashing Room’ (my favorite track on the record) comes to mind. Care to elaborate?

MG: That’s exactly what it is. It’s being young, the lines between sex and love still blurry. The fact that we want to experience life freely and run around this country without limitations, but that at the end of the day we need something solid and real. I think our entire album deals with this issue, the more lucky you are in this music game the more you have to sacrifice. We’ve left behind our loved ones for a life of touring. I think it’s that sacrifice that gives the music the nostalgia, the love beneath the surface.

RB: Who in current music do you look up to?

MG: I like Alicia Keys, Drake, Kanye, Tyler, Robyn, Temper Trap, Mike Posner. New school artists that write songs you can listen to in the club, car, or headphones.

RB: I ask this question often just for shits and giggles. List a few of your current guilty pleasures (musical or non).

TYLER CORDY of 2AM CLUB: [Laughs] Guilty pleasures are probably my favorite type of pleasures. I like the Twix Java candy bars and the new Taylor Swift single. The line about turning her into a rebel is fantastic. We spend so much time on the road at gas stations and convenience stores, everything in there is pretty guilty. Ian our drummers guilty pleasure is stealing pillows from hotels. Shhh.

RB: So the album cover is cool. Is there intentional meaning behind the artwork?

TC: You gotta figure that out on your own. But between the blindfold and our album title, you can get the general idea. Put the record on and see what develops…[Smiles]

RB: Are there any charities that you support/feel connected to as a group?

TC: Wearyourmusic.org is a cool company that takes our used guitar strings and makes bracelets out of them, then sells and the profits go to Reverb, an organization that makes the touring industry better on the earth. Pretty much anything that helps out reversing humankind’s negative imprint on the globe is something we’re in support of. I’ve also been down with giving cool gifts for the holidays, instead of getting things people are just going to throw away, use the money for a charity that can actually help the world around us. Google for 10 seconds and you can find something you feel good about supporting.

RB: Not to stroke your ego(s) but every track in my opinion could be released as a single. Was agreeing on the first single a tough choice?

TC: Thank you. That means a lot because we really care about this album front to back. We weren’t a band that started on one song or one idea. It was of course difficult figuring out what we wanted to put out first, second, etc. But really we’re so proud of these records we would’ve been comfortable putting out a number of the songs first. On the first date you want to impress but not over do it, hopefully that’s what we’re doing.

RB: To help paint a picture for those who may not be on the 2AM Club radar just yet…If your music could only be described by a single photograph. What would we see in that photograph and why?

TC: It would probably be a little bit like the Beatles’ Sgt Peppers album cover, a little bit of everything and a little bit of crazy. There’s men and women kissing crying loving and fighting, and trying to be happy at the end of the night. There’s also wood floors, high ceilings and dancing, Animal House meets Eyes Wide Shut.


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