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BTB favorite, Grace Potter, recently made a video in support of City of Hope’s Women’s Cancers Program. The video showcases Potter’s mentality and how she’s “All In” for the fight again women’s cancers. You can join Grace by “Like”-ing her video and going “All In” on the cause, too!

The foundation, for their All In Week, invited a handful of online influencers, bloggers, networks and supporters to bring awareness and to support the fight against women’s cancers. Watch the videos at the City of Hope’s website and “Like” your favorites, then tell spread the word!

The video with the most “Likes” will be featured on a billboard in NYC’s Times Square for an entire week.

Check out Grace’s video for City of Hope + the band’s latest sizzler for Paris, after the jump!

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If you want something light, exuberant and smooth, lay out the carpet for Aberdeen. They are so full of zest, like pop rocks on your tongue, clacking and clicking away. And I’ve got the recipe for their sweetness right here. Adam, the cheeky, fast-talking feller who keeps the beat going with bass and back-up vocals helped me fill in the blanks.

C: Unscripted question but, since this is a phone interview I want to be able to connect with you better before we start. So tell me where you are, what mood you’re in, etc.

A: Well right now I’m in Camrose, Alberta, and we just finished a show and got back here. We’re currently checking our new merchandise and doing all of our inventory and there are some kids here who just found out we are in Camp Rock 2.

C: So tell me, how did Aberdeen get its start?

A: Well originally Aberdeen was a band our lead singer and four of his friends were in. They started out in Hamilton, Ontario, where they recorded a CD. The story of the name comes from those original members who were sleeping on a street called Aberdeen Avenue. So they named the band after the street to remember where it all got started.

C: So you’ve really been around in the musical world. What was it about Aberdeen that made you want to commit to them as a group?

A: It was really our singer Al, he seemed to have the same drive and determination, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to align myself with someone who would work as hard as I would.

C: If you had to explain your band with one word or phrase, what would it be?

A: Word or phrase? That’s actually a good question! I’ve been asked what colour we would be and what flavour we would be…I’d say determination.

C: Has it been totally surreal filming for Camp Rock 2?

A: It was awesome, very comfortable to be there on the set. I do acting on the side and my agent called and asked if we’d like to film a movie as a band. We didn’t even know what the movie was but we thought of course it’d be cool to get our band on the screen. But they told us we’d have to get from Montreal to Toronto in an hour, so we ended up bailing on it. They searched 150 other bands, and we got a casting call saying that they’d chosen us even though we didn’t audition. They said they just liked the look of us and the feel to our music. Working on set with Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato was great. You’d think big Disney stars would be all high and mighty, full of themselves, but they were really humble. You know there’s this whole image that Disney portrays, everything being so happy and poppy and fun, and it was! We were having a great time while we stayed in a resort with The Jonas Brothers, and by the time it was all done we were high-fiving Demi Lovato.
C: Say you’re in a major inspirational slump. Where would you go or what would you do to get the drive back?

A: I would say the safest place for all of us to be to work on something would be anywhere where we’ll all be together with nobody else. No outside people, just all of us. We’ve matured to the point where we can talk to each other about anything.

C: One of the things I love about you guys is you’re ‘touring with a purpose’. Could you tell me a little more about the charity you’re touring with and what it means to you personally?

A: Well, the cause affects each of us since we have gone through our own things with school. I was bullied when I was younger. So I get up and speak in the presentation, talking about overcoming bullying. The program is called Absolute Leadership Development. They go around to schools and do this presentation called ‘Think Day’, which is essentially getting kids to think about hope, positivity, and creating awareness. We come in and play a couple of songs in between speeches. It’s been a good thing to do because for one, we have a teenage demographic but for another it’s good because we like showing that we’re caring people. We want people to know we’re not just one of those bands that just cares about themselves or are selfishly driven.
C: What’s a magical moment that stands out for you guys as a band?

A: I think without a doubt the most magical moment was in either in the airport meeting Tommy Mac from Hedley, since he helped produce our album, when we met him in person, or in warehouse studios where we recorded in Vancouver. Just being in certain studios, like walking into Bryan Adam’s studio, knowing he operates that studio, knowing AC/DC recorded here, so and so recorded there, bands that we love like Hedley, Marianas Trench… it’s just a really cool environment to know where really good products come from. That’s a big thing for us-quality. Not just our songs, but the production of them, that feeling of going in the right direction.

C: If you had to choose a plan of attack for not selling out, what would it be?

A: A plan of attack for not selling out would be to continue doing exactly what we’re doing, because this is what feels right. We don’t hire guys just because of their name, we hire them because of their reputation. Aligning ourselves with real people is essentially what we strive to do.
I know, the awesome tops the charts. And soon, so will Aberdeen. You’ve heard it all exclusively at BTB — they’re honest, open, determined and truly ready to set the world straight.


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Get ready to bust a friggin’ move!

He’s remixed the mainstream and the indie, from artists like N.E.R.D and Katy Perry to Little Boots and Marina & The Diamonds. And now, the DJ with a swift kick to the dancing sneakers is back and out with some fresh original material.

The rad video for Starsmith’s Give Me A Break has officially dropped and the outcome is an artsy visual that stays on the pulse of the beat. The single, an AA-side with the track Knuckleduster, is set to be released on October 18th via Neon Gold Records.

Watch the trippy dancefest below.

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Music basically makes or breaks a trailer. The perfect song can catapult an ehh reaction into one of downright intrigue and awe. Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days sold me when I heard the track featured in the Eat Pray Love advert. And recently, Creep by Radiohead, featured in the trailer for The Social Network, helped to spark interest in a plotline that seemed lackluster in my mind — something that even a sparkly Justin Timberlake couldn’t manage to do.

In the trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film, the music fits like a tailored suit. Featuring tracks like The Cure’s Just Like Heaven and Beautful Girl by INXS (among others), the soundtrack is bound to be a prescription worth filling.

Check out the trailer below.

Do you plan on seeing Love & Other Drugs?


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Go on wobblin’ with yo bad self, BK!

Just days after the news broke that we might soon be hearing brand spankin’ new music from our girl, Beyonce, the always humble singer headed to West Orange, Jersey with hubby Jay Z. The trip was a simple one: to visit Jay’s Mama. While there, the locals had no clue they were in for a surprise appearance as Beyonce decided to show off her dance moves and join in the festivities by crashing the neighborhood block party. Needless to say, a cool time ensued.

The dance Beyonce boogies to in the vid is called The Wobble.

Check out the fun times below.


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Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger recently visited T4 to talk with Grimmy to promote their new single Heartbeat. The duo dished on the collaboration, the obligatory sexy music video, and Enrique’s teenage porn habits. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a fun interview but I couldn’t help wondering if the pair hit up a doobie backstage as the interview’s a bit goof.

Also, this is the second or third time I’ve noticed Enrique talking about porn in segments/interviews and I am beginning to worry that the Latin Stallion might have a problem. Seriously?! You’re Enrique Iglesias. You shouldn’t need porn. I mean, I understand that he’s a dude and being a dude, I know that we dudes sometimes watch porn (not all dudes but you get my point — wow that may be the dude-iest sentence ever written). Also, can’t you come up with something better to talk about during these press visits, Enrique? Besides your habits that we really do not wish to know about? [Ha] Apparently not…

Heartbeat is sure to make its pulse known on radio but will unlikely be as big of a smash as Igesias’ previous single, I Like It. Although I purchased and played the hell out of I Like It (like the rest of the English/Latin speaking population), I must confess that the lyrics rubbed me the wrong way. The beat is undeniable but the lyrics, which are clearly about cheating (My girlfriend is out of town/ And I’m all alone/ Your boyfriend is on vacation/ And he doesn’t have to know), is a bit wack and I know Enrique is better than that. I mean, hello?! Have you heard Rhythm Divine? That track/video remains his best work, in my opinion. Again, I realize it’s commercial music linked to the Jersey Shore, so I get it, I just had to throw my thoughts out there!

At the end of the day, like I’ve written before, Enrique has found a formula that works and has stuck to it. His music is definitely crack, a highly addictive pop rush. And the new music video is beautiful.

Watch the doobielicious interview + the music vid for Heartbeat below!

[On a Debbie Downer sidenote: To find out more about the horrific truths behind the porn industry, check out the wonderful Pink Cross Foundation.]


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So sweet it just might cause a cavity!

New York City based singer/songwriter Matt White is out with the music video to his new single Falling In Love (With My Best Friend). The track is the first release from White’s second album It’s The Good Crazy, out now on Ryko.

White showcases what is often sparse and lackluster on the current musical landscape, which is the ability to make a feel good pop song that is vulnerable from a man’s point of view. Basically, it’s freakin’ cute!

Watch the wonderfully sweet music video below.

Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)

Matt White | MySpace Music Videos


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Sorry, it was too easy!

When news broke that Brandon Flowers would be working on a solo project, I got butterflies in my stomach. Needless to say, I was stoked to hear Flamingo once it was released. Upon hearing the record, the track that really caught my attention was a dreamy number by the name of Swallow It.

Flowers told that Swallow It is the track he is most proud of on his debut solo effort Flamingo. He stated: “There’s a fair amount of experimentation on that song, but it’s still very much a pop song. That’s what I admired so much about bands like the Beatles. When they did experiment or go out on a limb a little bit, it was still accessible.”

“You could not swallow it / No baby you’re not ready, slow down / And take the time to evolve,” sings Flowers on the mellow retro 60s-esque tune.

Flamingo (the debut solo album from Brandon Flowers) is available now.

Swallow It below!


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[Photo Cred: Vivo in Vino]

A beautiful session! My girl, Nicole Atkins, recently belted out You Belong To Me live during her session at Paste. For all of you love-struck hopefuls, feel free to carry this song in your pocket with you. It’s an adorable performance, so enjoy!

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Hooky Hookerson!

To say that Higher (the new single from The Saturdays) is addictive is an understatement. The track oozes nothing but feel good hooky hook hook! And once you press play, the track quickly becomes a can of Pringles, if ya know what I mean.

The girls prance to the beat of the drum in the video, set against a New York City backdrop. At one point the band even recreates a feline version of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.

The track is taken from the British girl group’s mini-album Headlines!, available now via Fascination Records. A remix of the single will feature rapper Flo Rida.

Watch the Taylor Cohen-directed clip below.


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How could anyone do this to a poor defenseless pupster?!

BTB favorite, Pink, is using her Twitter account to help raise awareness to an important cause.

Recently Pink attended a Last Chance for Animals event at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles to support the Adopt, Don’t Shop initiative and celebrate Puppy Mill Awareness Day.

In a series of tweets Pink wrote:

“It’s puppy mill awareness day and I just got back from the incredible event at La Brea Tar Pits. No more puppy mills!”

“Puppy mills are awful, filthy, cruel places where dogs never see daylight, sleep in their own feces, and r (are) bred over n (and) over for pet stores. Boycott pet stores people!!!”

Agreed! Pet stores are are depressing and puppy mills are horrific! To find out more watch the video presented by Ben Stein below.

[Warning: it’s depressing as all hell but needs to be watched.]


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Dare I say this might be better than the original?

Ok, I take it back. It’s not better, but definitely more touching due to the piano soaked edit that is thrown over the original take. As you may know, I’m a huge Katy Perry fan and without stroking her peacock feathers (get it?!) too much, I will say that I think the Teenage Dream album is probably the most cohesive mainstream major pop release so far this year. Now back to the cover…

Boyce Avenue’s Alejandro Manzano has performed a piano cover of Perry’s Teenage Dream and the outcome is a beautifully heartfelt rendition of the upbeat smash. He switches up some of the word play making the song have more of an innocent touch. The energy of the original disappears on his version, painting a pretty piano-driven portrait. Pretty romantic, yeah?

Check it out!


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The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot, that God is at the center of the jaunt.



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When Robyn first dropped the news of her idea of releasing three albums in one year, I thought the peroxide Swedish fish had gone bananas! But now that Body Talk Pt. 2 has been released in the states and we are mid-way through our journey of a 3-disc platter of pop, I think the idea clearly has been a successful one.

The highly infectious first single, Dancing on My Own, captured listeners with it’s punch-to-the-face beats fused with the emotional attachment of being in love with someone who could care less about said feelings. The video, as with all of Robyn’s videos, was a visual treat, taking the song to a fresh place mentally. The same can be said in the simple documentary stylized video for Hang with Me, the lead single off Body Talk Pt. 2 — a sweet and vulnerable record, even if it is possibly, most likely about a friends with benefits type of relationship.

What I love the most about Robyn is how her music, even the most electronic, dancefloor declarations that make you want to shake your ass and stomp your feet — even those songs show complete intelligence and thought and often a vulnerable yearning-for-love heart.

In the end, do not let Robyn’s ferocious beats take away from noticing the emotionally charged ballad versions of her addictive songs, for those records/performances leave the ultimate scar (see the related post link below).

The final disc of the Body Talk series will be dropping this December.

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Pre-VMA Interview

Criminal Intent, taken from Body Talk Pt. 2


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If you’re like me, you browse the internet to hit upon fancy beats to grab your ear. I’ve always known Adam Lambert as a talent, one hell of an image, and well, anyone that can hits notes like Freddy Mercury is okay in my book. Although I’ve checked out his debut album, For Your Entertainment, several times and enjoyed it to the maximum, not one track specifically stuck out in my mind. But last night I discovered a vid of Adam on Vh1’s Unplugged singing a new song he co-wrote called Down The Rabbit Hole, and the song/performance certainly stuck. I tripped, fell, and found myself forgetting to come back to the surface.

Whether you’re a fan of Adam or not, this raw session highlights his unique voice and stage presence. Maybe it’s because it’s stripped down with a band, or he’s not singing to a panel of judges, but I am totally diggin’ this performance (hey, even if I can’t understand some of the words doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to sing along).

Check out the video below.