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Nothing but mad love for this song/video!

Eminem is back and stronger than ever. The controversial rapper who struggled for years with an addiction to painkillers and anti-depressants, is now clean and spitting rhymes fused with an edge of deep-rooted empowerment. Eminem, who nearly lost his life after an accidental methadone overdose, admitted to popping as many as 20 pills a day at the height of his problems.

A perhaps unlikely source, Sir Elton John, helped Eminem throughout his battle with coming clean. John battled drugs and alcohol addictions early on in his career, but has been sober since the 1980s. The odd pairing first caused controversy when John made a surprise appearance with Eminem at the 2001 Grammy Awards. Many protested the collaboration, citing Eminem’s lyrics at the time as being filled with hatred and homophobia. But that all seems to be a thing of the past, as Eminem’s new single Not Afraid is heightened with a true sense of maturity, showcasing the rapper rising from the ash of a dark journey, using the strength he’s gained from being sober to create a remarkably memorable song.

It’s undoubtedly an anthem for anyone who has ever felt afraid to face the demons in their own life.

In an interview with BBC Radio in January, John said: “I’ve been helping Eminem over the last 18 months and he’s doing brilliantly.”

Watch the incredible video (directed by Rich Lee) below.

33 Responses to “GOOD FOR YOU, EMINEM”

  • Josh:

    Haters can hate but Em still is at the top of the game

  • ValMora:

    Good for him!! Also cool of Elton John for being so supportive of another fellow artist.

  • manda panda:

    go eminem go!!!!!!!!

  • trevor:

    As a recovery addict myself I find nothing but motivation behind the video and song to stay sober

  • Brandon:

    Wow! I was not expecting to like the song but its awesome.

  • Melanie:

    Is it just me or does it make him more attractive now that he is trying to be a man and be a sober man and responsible father?!

  • Anon:

    It is just you.

  • Alfred:

    I doubt he will ever read this, but it’s encouraging to know that he has finally cut the act and grown up. I used to like him when I was a teen, and I don’t feel as bad about that anymore.

  • Eh:

    Yeah, he’s OK. :)

  • B:


  • Amber:

    I’ve been an Eminem fan since day 1. He is a lyrical genius, and all the controversy throughout the years on his song lyrics has just fueled his career – which, indeed, is a smart move. This song is just another example of his true talent, and I’m glad he’s still around!

    p.s. – Melanie, you’re so right. Way more attractive now that his priorities and more focused. Besides, the brown hair is better than that peroxide blonde =)

  • jeff:

    what a garbage song, sounds like the freakin lion king, good artists are always better on drugs, sad but true, and it shows here

  • bradley:

    @Jeff dude you’re obviously a hater! drugs has nothing to do with the creation of good music. furthermore drugs have nothing to do with creation whatsoever, only destruction. wake up man!

  • I don’t like it when people lump all “drugs” together (looking @ jeff & bradley) … all drugs have different effects.

    To the song, I’m happy for Eminem and all… and this song may very well help some people who are in a hard place… but it’s probably not the kind of thing I would be listening to… just for kicks.

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  • Avocat:

    After listening to this song, I’m not afraid anymore. Bravo Eminem.

  • Michael:

    As usually he is speaking his mind…It’s good to see he’s weathered a dramatic storm. It’s also refreshing to see that artist can put aside the crap and be real people as Elton John reached out.

  • Soc:

    Good for him. Strength like that makes him super sexy.

  • T:

    There are 4-5 other tracks on the album where Eminem straight up disses Elton John.

  • Malik Clark:

    Caint no one deny that Eminem will always be rated as one of then top Emcees of our time>>>>I believe that color aint even a factor>>>He has had to deal with more then most corney azz so-called rappers today and still he rises. He is over the last 30 years in the top 10 emcees . Aint to many today who can do it like him>>>>And still he loves his daughter>>>>WORD!

  • Saindon:

    He’s a lyrical genius, you really can’t say much more! I’m Glad that he is back and is clean now. Honestly, I thought the Relapse CD was good. The song stay wide awake was SICK! Keep that shit up M!!

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  • Helm:

    Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone mentioned this as I had trouble finding the scoop elsewhere. Everyone talks smack instead of the good stuff.

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  • Walt:

    Miss the old Em

  • Klinge:

    Pretty interesting, way better than 90% of the useless posts that is on the internet these days.

  • Marshall Mathers:

    @Bradley drugs have nothing to do with good music?? What about Sgt Peppers retard thats one of the most influential albums of all time and it was influenced by the beatles getting fucked up on acid. Not afraid chourus is pathetic but the album as a whole is great. Em is great whether hes on drugs or not. Stay wide awake bomb also! Do drugs!!!

  • Marshall Mathers:

    Bradley = douche bag. From mr. mathers himself

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  • Simon22:

    Slim Shady is God. He best track is The Slim Shady LP.

  • Wofford:

    I’ve been gold bricking here at work all day and my boss would certainly kill me if she found out I was reading this stuff all day!

  • Spanky:

    Your writing is superb and gives food for thought.

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