By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Now that you all know I put my life in the hands of rock n’ roll bands, I was recently thrown an unexpected curveball of melody this past week; folk. When not initially liking a genre of music, one should make a point of listening to it more closely. I have yearned for the day I would stumble upon a female talent who could transcend sounds of the past with the present, and she has arrived; Lissie (Maurus). A 27-year old country-folk rock singer/guitarist is the pink elephant in a room full of bears. A clear-as-glass singing voice, effortless melodies, and a Stevie Nicks like tone make her a direct line to your emotional core.

Everywhere I Go off of her debut EP Where You Runnin’, stopped me dead in my tracks at a local record store (yes, some still exist), showcasing her achingly raw and evocative voice. How often has this happened to you lately? Think about it; sound that hits you so hard you can feel it? Now that’s music, what feelings sound like.

The bright intensity of Lissie’s voice will cut through any disdain your jaded heart may have built up against present day “singers” and “songwriters”. In my opinion, she belongs in the 1970’s with the brilliance of female musicians whose material will be set in stone for countless generations. Her sound seems as if it should belong to someone twice her age, both coarse and beautiful; a combination which, when it works, is something to behold. Her pipes are her instrument, and she commands them. Upon downloading more of her tracks, I found the songs range from hand-clapping and foot-stomping, to breathtaking ballads that all make up her ingredient; a spine shivering, rustic soul.

Lissie is an artist to watch, listen, and embrace. So raise the volume; she’s about to mend all the broken hearts of boring, pointless music trends!


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