By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

When I first heard Ian Axel I immediately felt moved. I was new to this giant spiderweb of a city, new to the chaos of New York that can sometimes swallow you whole. I can assure you that I felt like I was falling apart at the time — I had no job, not many friends, and my first love had just crushed my heart. But when I heard his song HOME via MTV’s Real World, even though I felt completely alone at the time, I felt connected again. To me, that’s music — the ability to give light and electricity to those who have burned out. I had no clue, that a little over a year later that I would have the chance to interview the same artist who truly affected my life.

In a humble and honest interview with BTB, I spoke with Ian on his new album, his life, and his ability to express the words he sometimes has trouble speaking, through the keys of the piano.

Ian, who says he is learning to love himself through this entire experience, spoke in a way that felt completely genuine. We talked about all things music, including my plea for him to spill some of his guilty pleasures. To see if I succeed, listen to the interview below. And please be aware that it’s a little lengthy! We got carried away.

Ian Axel Interview by Rob Brayl (Audio)

Please be sure to pick up Ian’s album(s) on iTunes/Amazon and check out the video for THIS IS THE NEW YEAR (featuring Chad Vaccarino), below.

UPDATE: Ian and Chad have now formed A Great Big World, in which the below video can be seen. The track was recently featured on an episode of Glee, making it one of the first ever from an indie artist to grace the show.

Hooty hoo!


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