By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Spoon solidifies that less is more. They successfully compose record after record of the best indie rock today, including their latest release, Transference. They dip in sadness, robust, and rage within their lyrics. These guys enjoy living in a paparazzi-free crazed world. Asked on the track Written in Reverse, “Will you lose a bit of yourself…”, these guys certainly have not. Spoon has solidified their standing among the finest independent musicians alive, and their damn proud of it.

While many bands wish for someone to take their music of their hands, no one is going to help them dismantle their work. Who Makes Your Money backs this by stating “Who makes your money, who thinks they might, who’s gonna be there to take the fight”. For the past decade, it’s been them. They occupy the bizarre purgatory between being one of the prime bands in indie rock, and barely-there mainstream recognition, and it’s good enough for them. Treat yourself to real music. It’s time to put down the forks, and pick up a Spoon.

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