By: Maria Ciezak
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

On April 13th I will get a little jump in my step as the sophomore release from MGMT hits the shelves, Congratulations. For the follow-up to the unexpectedly riotously popular Oracular Spectacular, there will be no singles released for the album. This could be a glass half-full situation, for the weight of the hype won’t suffocate this before it comes out. For the album will be a cohesive whole, all for one, and one for all. The lead off track, entitled, “It’s Working”, sums up their career choices, indeed. The boys have taken up hobbies such as surfing while recording in Malibu, which has provided tons of stimulation for the lyrics, as well as listening to Lady Gaga. Strange ways, here we come!!!

Trippy surfing tunes with an electronic beat? Sounds like a formula for a dazed, head-banging batch of enormity, which is why I think MGMT’s Congratulations will be one of the key music classics of 2010. As far as I’m concerned, a second batch of twirly sunglass psych-pop is way overdue. Bring on the strange, for it’s the new black.

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