By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Ellen: Was it just me or did the girls kinda blow chunks last night?
Ryan: [Stage Voice] This–IS–American Idol.
Ellen: Hello? Did you hear me?
Ryan: Sorry, I’m practicing for tonight. I want to be flawless.

I want to first say that all the girls are talented and beautiful and that I understand that it must be incredibly nerve-wracking to be on that stage, but when you’re on a mainstream show like Idol, you’d think they would put a little more creative thought into the entire process. I realize that original songs cannot be performed but you can be creative in other ways (IE the song choice, arrangement, and styling choices).

Speaking of original songs–I really admired Crystal Bowersox for stating on camera that the contestants aren’t allowed to sing original material. She, by the way, had the best performance, hands down. I really appreciate the genuine vibe and honest energy that she projects when she sings.

Another annoyance factor was when three girls sang a freakin’ Beatles song. Excuse me? B-O-R-I-N-G. I love the Beatles. They are iconic, but when you are trying to stand out on a show in front of millions of people, you don’t do a song that can even be remotely tied to any of your competitors. DUH!!! Sorry, I’m just a little bitter because so far, this season, the show just seems to be crap. Although I love Ellen, the chemistry with her and the other judges are not what it should be and there seems to be something missing amongst the panel–an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dotted Paula Abdul, perhaps?

In the world of pop music, it’s about the overall package–stage presence, commercial appeal, image, song choice. And even though Simon said it’s the girls’ year this year, after last night’s snoozefest, I’d have to disagree.

ANDREW GARCIA all the way (at least for now). Let’s hear it for the boys!

You can check out Andrew Garcia covering Paula Abdul’s Straight Up, below.

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